Apply For CTAs/School Tennis Equipment Project

November 18, 2008 03:14 PM

CTAs that partner with local schools are eligible to receive a starter equipment kit for use in new QuickStart format that begins anytime from October 23, 2008 through Spring 2009. This offer is good for the first 50 CTAs that apply. These programs should meet the School Tennis standard – occur during the school year on school grounds, or if off-campus, the teams are based on where the players go to school.

The application deadline is Friday, Nov. 28. The equipment kit has a retail value of $639 and will include: 6 – 21” rackets, 6 – 23” rackets, 6 – 25” rackets, 3 dozen foam balls, 1 dozen low compression balls and 1 – 18’ net. Registered CTAs may purchase additional equipment using the attached vendor sheets.

Note that although the application is 7 pages long, only the first 2 need to be completed. Pages 3-7 will "autofill" from information provided on page 2.