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Intersectional Team Championships: Boys' Perspective

July 9, 2008 12:13 PM

The 2008 Boys’ and Girls’ 16 Intersectional Team Championship is being held at the Pierremont Oaks Tennis Club in Shreveport, LA this year. Each USTA section has put together a team comprised of the top junior girls and boys from their section. Participating is a great opportunity, and Nathan Pasha and Garrett Brasseaux were eager to share their experience.

Nathan Pasha, Atlanta native, is participating on the Southern team for the first time this year. Even with preparation from the coach, newcomers to the event are not familiar with the atmosphere until they step foot on the court. According to Pasha, the coach was right and everyone is enjoying the time in Shreveport. “It feels really good to be here,” said Pasha now with an understanding of exactly how special it is to be picked for the team.

Garrett Brasseaux, of New Orleans, was on the championship team from last year’s competition. Brasseaux enjoys playing for the team, and was excited about the opportunity to play again after the team beat out some tough competition in 2007. Garrett enjoys playing for a team. “You have people you can rely upon and have fun with.”

The team format has played a role in bringing juniors together that never had the opportunity to play against each other. Pasha states that it is nice to see players from all over and get the opportunity to compete against them. Brasseaux felt the same way, stating that it is a good chance to play new competitors that can help them grow their game of tennis.

Both players keyed in on how exciting and different the atmosphere is at a tournament like this, as opposed to the singles tournaments they usually play throughout the year. Everything is in one location, allowing easy viewing of all the action. Pasha and Brasseaux explained that it is very motivating for everyone to be in the same place and have your teammates cheering you on.

The environment at the Intersectional Team Championship at the Pierremont Oaks Tennis Club seems to mean something special to each of the participants. With the experience Pasha and Brasseaux are gaining and the memories they are creating, it certainly is a great opportunity for junior tennis players.




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