Intersectional Team Championships: Girls' Perspective

July 7, 2008 01:21 PM

The 2008 Boys’ and Girls’ 16 Intersectional Team Championship is being held at the Pierremont Oaks Tennis Club in Shreveport, LA this year. Each USTA section has put together a team comprised of the top junior girls and boys from their section. Kate Fuller and Lauren Mira, two of the girls representing the Southern Section, are having a fantastic time participating with their team in the tournament.

The Southern team comes into this year’s competition as the defending champions, looking to use their experience to capture another championship. Kate Fuller, of Suwanee, GA, was a part of last year’s winning team and considers it to be a great honor to be able to play in the competition again. Fuller said, “I love playing this event. I am having a ton of fun.” After being the underdog last year and knowing that the competition is tough, Fuller thinks it would be an amazing experience if they could repeat.

Lauren Mira, of Baton Rouge, LA, is a newcomer on the team. Mira recalls reading about last year’s team on the USTA Southern Section website. “I’m not going to lie, I was really jealous.” She now finds herself, a year later, competing in the championships and said, “I am really glad I am here. It has been great.”

While Mira and Fuller would love to keep the championship in the Southern Section, the new and different style of play is exciting to them by itself. The players enjoy playing in an atmosphere where teammates are cheering each other on. “It is a preview of what playing tennis on a college team will be like,” Fuller explained, knowing that the style of play is a good experience for them as they hope to play in college after a few years.

The team championships also give these junior players the opportunity to play against some new opponents. While they have played against many of the other players in previous singles tournaments, Fuller explained that they don’t know everyone, so it is good to get a chance to play other people and even make some new friends.

The tournament takes these players who are always in competition with each other, and allows them to work together as a team. The championships are a great opportunity for the players to get to know their teammates as friends and not competitors. One of the last things Fuller mentioned was that it is very difficult to explain the atmosphere and how special it is to compete in the team championships at Pierremont Oaks Tennis Center.