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Intersectional Finals – Southern Wins!

July 7, 2008 09:15 AM

Intersectionals - Finals
After several days of hard work and incredible play Southern pulls out a tough victory over Southern California to win Intersectionals. All six singles matches went on at once. Number 2 singles, Lauren Herring wins 6-0, 6-0. Number 3 singles, Grace Min wins 6-0, 6-1. Boy’s number 2, Nathan Pasha wins 6-1, 6-3 against the number three seed in the National Clay Courts next week. Austin Powell lost a tough match at number three. Kate Fuller played a girl that she has never beaten. Fights hard for over two hours and drops the match 6-0, 6-1. The score does not reflect the match played. Boys number 1 singles; Garrett Brasseaux plays a great first set and falls short. Brasseaux comes back to win the next two sets. After singles the score is 4-2 and Southern needs only one doubles match to win. Nathan and Kate seal the deal at mixed and Southern wins 6-3!

Intersectionals - Day Three
Day three brought the last day of pool play (round robin). USTA Southern played Middle States and won 7-2. Kate Fuller, Lauren Herring and Lauren Mira won their singles matches quite easily. Austin Powell followed with an impressive singles win. The last two singles matches were competitive, both going to the third set. Nathan Pasha, fighting cramps, pulled out his match in a solid third set, as Garrett Brasseaux fell short in his third set match. That gave Southern a 5-1 lead going into the doubles.

Grace Min and Lauren Herring completely overpowered their opponents winning the girls’ doubles. This was followed by a very solid mixed doubles victory by Robert Verzaal and Lauren Mira. Nathan Pasha and Garrett Brasseaux had to retire in their boys’ doubles match to allow Nathan to recover from the cramping for the semi finals on Wednesday. The semi final opponent had not been determined when our team left the facility.

Intersectionals - Day Two
Day two found Southern taking on USTA Southwest in the second team match of the pool play. The girls took care of matters quite quickly with singles wins by Kate Fuller, Grace Min and Lauren Mira. The boys all had tougher matches but also swept the singles with wins by Garrett Brasseaux, Austin Powell and Robert Verzaal. The girls' doubles team of Kate Fuller and Lauren Herring were too strong for the Southwest team and took care of matters quickly. Garrett Brasseaux and Nathan Pasha were very impressive with a win in the boys' doubles. Austin Powell and Lauren Mira took a bit longer and needed a tiebreak for the third set to win the mixed doubles. All in all, another 9-0 win for Southern. Day three brings the USTA Middle States as the next opponent for Southern.

Intersectionals – Day One
USTA Southern came out ahead of New England on the first day of 2008 Intersectional Competition in Shreveport, LA. USTA Southern topped New England in six singles matches giving them the win for the day. Singles matches were won by Lauren Mira, Lauren Herring, and Grace Min for the girls. Nathan Pasha, Austin Powell, and Robert Verzaal won for the boys. Southern completed the sweep when Lauren Mira and Grace Min teamed to win the girls doubles, while Austin Powell and Robert Verzaal were taking the boys doubles. Garrett Brasseaux and Kate Fuller finished the day by taking the mixed doubles in the third set tiebreak after giving up the only lost set of the day.

Day two will find Southern taking on the team from USTA Southwest. The competition starts with four pools playing round robin. Southern will compete against Southwest and Middle States the next two days. The winner of this pool will move onto the semi finals.




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