Zonals Information for the Boy's and Girl's 12s, 14s and 16s

April 25, 2008 10:40 AM

Once again, registration for Zonals will be done online. Below, you will be given the ID# for the “Southern Application Site” as well as a link to the actual tournament home page. To be eligible to represent Southern, you will go to the ID# of your age division and follow the entry procedure. To gain more information on the actual tournament site, hotels, directions etc., please click on the link.

In 2008, our teams will play at the following sites:


Entries Open

Entry Deadline

Boy’s and Girl’s 12’s Knoxville, TN

April 29th

June 20th

Boy’s and Girl’s 14’s Huntsville, AL

April 25th

June 6th

Boy’s and Girl’s 16’s Winston Salem, SC

April 29th

June 20th

Please look at the list below closely to see which site you will go to for entry:


Southern Application Site

Tournament Homepage

Boy’s 12



Girl’s 12



Boy’s 14



Girl’s 14



Boy’s and Girl’s 16



The link above and to the right is the actual tournament site for your additional information.

There have also been questions of late in regards to the endorsement requirements for Zonals. They are as follows:

- 16 Zonals: Any player who has played in the Southern Closed 16’s and whose Southern standing is within the endorsed group. Top 36 Boys and top 36 Girls who apply will gain entry.

- 14 Zonals: Minimum requirements are any combination of two (2) Southern Championships and/or Bullfrog USTA Southern Section designated tournaments in the 14’s age group. Top 30 Boys and top 30 Girls who apply will gain entry.

- 12 Zonals: Minimum requirement is play in the Southern Junior Closed in the 12’s age group. Top 36 Boys and top 36 Girls who apply will gain entry

For more information, please contact your endorser. The endorsers are as follows:

Boy’s 12 Mary Jane Miller millerky@insightbb.com

Girl’s 12 Terry Ferrell accessdoor@aol.com

Boy’s 14 Bill Lindsay williamlindsay@bellsouth.net

Girl’s 14 Rosemary Cornett rmcornett@uams.edu

B&G’s 16 Fran Allen fballen@mindspring.com