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2008 NJTL Arthur Ashe Essay and Art Contest has begun!!!

March 6, 2008 02:53 PM

The official 2008 NJTL Arthur Ashe Essay and Art Contest has begun! This contest commemorates the spirit and humanitarian work of the late, great Arthur Ashe by asking NJTL participants (18 years old and under) to learn about Arthur Ashe and then respond by writing an essay or submitting artwork answering the question “How do you exemplify the ideals of Arthur Ashe?” Ten National Essay finalists will be chosen for the grand prize – an all-expense paid weekend to attend Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day and other exciting cultural events in New York City.

If your program has participated in the past, then this year you’ll see that the contest has changed:

? New Question - We have changed the question to “How do you exemplify the ideals of Arthur Ashe?” We hope this will get kids to learn about the legend, about who they are, and how their behavior reflects the ideals of Arthur Ashe.

? Art Submissions – If you have a participant 12 years old and under, instead of writing an essay, they’re more than welcome to respond to the question by showing off their creativity and submitting their artwork. This could be a drawing, a collage, a painting, etc. as long as it is 2-dimensional and less than 22” x 28”. Art submissions, however, are not eligible for the grand prize.

? No Spanish – We can no longer accept essays in Spanish due to the legal difficulties of fairly judging them against English essays. The rules and entry form, however, have been translated into Spanish for your convenience.

? Incentives – Sharing this contest with your players is a great way for you to incorporate a fun educational component to your NJTL program and teach kids about the life of one of the greatest sportsmen of all time. To encourage all of our NJTLs to participate and administer the contest in their program, we are awarding prizes to NJTLs that submit a certain amount of essays. Chapters and programs that reach these goals by the deadline will get their prizes by November 2008!

# of Essays


26 – 99

One wristband per essay

100 – 499

One NJTL T-Shirt per essay

500 – 999

One Stipend for someone from your organization to attend the 2009 USTA Community Tennis Development Workshop (complimentary registration and two nights lodging)

1000 or more

Two Stipends for representatives from your organization to attend the 2009 USTA Community Tennis Development Workshop (complimentary registration and two nights lodging)

? Policies and Procedures: We have new policies and procedures. Policies and procedures are included below in the body of the email and attached for your reference. Please be sure to read and review the rules carefully before running the Contest in your program.

The Contest Application and Official Contest Rules are available by clicking here. Please print copies of the Application and Official Contest Rules and make available to your program participants. All submissions must be collected by you and received at the USTA National Office by July 10th (Arthur Ashe’s Birthday). Only submissions received from ACTIVE NJTLS are eligible, so please be sure you have renewed your NJTL registration here before submitting.

Please spread the word to your participants and help them learn about the great legend named Arthur Ashe!




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