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NJTL Summer Tennis Scholarship Recipients

August 2, 2007 03:55 PM

Anthony McKnight, an avid tennis player from Buford, GA was awarded the 2007 NJTL summer camp scholarship. McKnight, along with several other scholarship awardees, received a grant from the USTA to attend a tennis camp of their choice. In order to be honored the scholarship, players must write a 300 word essay about how tennis camp would help enhance their game. As a recipient, McKnight chose to attend the University of Florida camp in Gainesville. Below is an excerpt from his diary.

Day 1

I woke up early Sunday to go to Gator tennis camp. It was an 8 hour drive, and my siblings came. When I got there I had to singe in. There was a line of people there. I also put in money for my camp account, and then I saw I had to give him a paper filled out by a doctor. After that I took my stuff to my dorm. I waited in the lounge one of the consolers took role everyday. When I got to the tennis courts I sat in the bleachers and was put on a court. There were drills, games, match play, and fitness to test our ability levels. I was on drills and then rotated. Once I finished I went to my dorm. Afterwards I ate dinner. Then I went to the Gator football stadium for a tour. I went to a room at the stadium where I learned about the tennis staff. Then we went to the football locker room and football field. The at last we went to the Presidents suites at the stadium that was real cool. It was where the presidents of the United States and famous people with lots of money watched the game. Later we went back to the dorms and got snacks and went to the lounge and lights out were at 10:30.

Below is another excerpt from a NJTL scholarship awardee.

My five days in Gator Tennis Camp were amazing! I learned so much more than what I would think anyone could learn in five days. I had a tremendous amount of help on my serve, which until then needed some improvement. I also worked a lot on my volleys and overheads which also improved greatly, along with my approach shots and ground strokes. Two of the days at camp we rotated to different courts to play games, matches, drills, and fitness. The other two days were spent playing team tennis where we got into teams and played doubles, my team won.The coaches were so dedicated along with all the other campers at the tennis camp, and that’s what made it so great.

Not only did we play tennis, but we went bowling, skating, go-carting, and to a party, all of which were so much fun. Also, the food there was great and there was plenty of variety. I also liked that we had plenty of time to rest and to talk to friends. The counselors were also very kind and helpful.

I’m so glad that I got this great opportunity, and I would love to do it again next year!

I wanted to thank the USTA for this grand opportunity.

Juliana Araque J




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