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Consolation Draw Formats

March 2, 2007 02:00 PM

Questions have been received over the confusion of different consolation formats and points earned. It is important to understand the different formats. Some of the formats are as follows:

Full Feed-In Championship- This term refers to a special form of consolation draw in which the losers from the main draw are fed back into another drawagainst players who lost in earlier rounds of the tournament. This format is
very helpful when the Tournament Committee wants to determine an order of finish through 8 or 12 places.

First Match Losers Consolation- This is a consolation draw in which the losers in the first round and those second round losers who advanced to that round by virtue of a bye, default or walkover are entered into the consolation draw.

First Round Losers Consolation- This is a consolation draw in which only the losers in the first round are entered into the consolation draw.

Modified Feed In Consolation- This is a consolation that may take in first and second round losers into the consolation draw.

Most tournaments in the past few years have been Full Feed In consolations. This year with the doubles initiative, tournament director’s that have wanted to include doubles have tested other formats. Hence the First Match Loser and Modified Feed In formats. It is important to understand these formats use a different point table for the points earned in the event. You will find that table, listed as Main Draw, Modified Feed In etc. Click here for the link.

You may compare the two tables at this link. If you scroll down on the same page, you will be able to see a table with the bonus points as well.

The main draw points are the same regardless of the type of consolation used in the back draw. We do realize that there is a point differential between the formats and at this time a committee working on bringing the points closer together.

It is also important to realize that with the new “combined ranking” program, that your doubles points will be included. Click here for Ranking Explanation. Please remember though our Standing/Ranking is based on best “six” events.

With the new combined ranking, there are many challenges to best help our players. There has been much study and research done on trying to find the best system/process for our players. Therefore you have seen some testing on formats in trying to see what will work best in our present tournament system. Many to most Level 3’s the rest of the year will be Full Feed In. Please do not assume though. To be certain, check on the tournament home page to see what format is being used for the event.




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