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USTA Jr. Team Tennis Section Champions Crowned

August 21, 2006 12:12 PM
Six teams were named USTA Southern Section Jr. Team Tennis Champions last weekend at the Mobile Tennis Center in Mobile, AL. The Intermediate Section Champions will travel to Tuscon, AZ, October 20-22 to compete in the National Championships for the 14 and 18 and under divisions. The National Championships for the 14 and 18 under Advanced divisions will be held in San Diego, CA, October 27-30.
12 and under
Atlanta, GA
captain: Sophie Mookerji
Aiken, SC
captain: Fran Poda
12 and under
Texarkana, AR
captain: Ann Tarwater
Lilburn, GA
captain: Anne Crist
14 and under
Valdosta, GA
captain: Jenne Brandon
Louisville, KY
captain: Tina Beavin
14 and under
Lilburn, GA
captain: Mondra DeRosa
Summerville, SC
captain: Larry Klingenberg
18 and under
Columbia, SC
captain:  Douglas Snyder
Macon, GA
captain: Mary Evelyn Fiebelman
18 and under
Charlotte, NC
captain: Carla O'Connor
Alpharetta, GA
captain: Pattie Gillispie
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Matches were played at the Mobile Tennis Center in Mobile, AL which was the official headquarters for the USTA Southern Section Jr. Team Championships. Team rosters consisted of at least 3 girls and 3 boys who competed in Boy’s and Girl’s Singles, Boy’s and Girl’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.

USTA Jr. Team Tennis is a multi-week program of team practice and match play for boys and girls, ages 6 to 18, who want to play tennis on teams. Teams are comprised of players of similar age and skill, and they compete against other teams from the same geographic region in one of four league divisions: 10 & under, 12 & under, 14 & under or 18 & under.

In non-elimination round robin draws, two groups of five teams competed in round robin play with the winner of each group advancing to the finals based on total games won.

USTA Jr. Team Tennis is team tennis concept that emphasizes fun, fitness, and friends. Competitions are held for intermediate and advanced players in three age divisions: 12 and under, 14 and under and 18 and under. Players in all three divisions have opportunity to advance to section competition and players in the 14 and under division and 18 and under may qualify for the National Championships.
The Championships introduce young players to competition in which competitive stress is minimized and competitive learning opportunities are maximized. The Championship Events are also designed to: (1) provide a competitive opportunity for maximizing each player’s physical and emotional development, (2) promote the spirit of competition and camaraderie which will enhance and strengthen a player’s self-esteem (3) provide a national competition climate that focuses more on personal development and less on competitive outcomes.

Founded in 1881, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) is the national governing body for the sport of tennis in this country. In addition to owning the US Open and selecting members of the Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Olympic and Paralympic teams, the USTA administers a variety of programs nationwide for players of all ages and ability levels. A not-for-profit organization, the association is divided into 17 sections, of which the USTA Southern Section is the largest. The 165,000 USTA members living in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee make up the USTA Southern Section, and account for approximately 25% of the total USTA membership. A professional staff housed in Norcross, GA carries out the USTA Southern Section’s daily operations, but policy is formed and much of the organization’s work is executed via a Board and committee structure of over 200 volunteers. For more information about the types of programs and services offered by the USTA Southern Section visit www.southerntennis.com.




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