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Dunlop Tennis Announces ‘D-Squad’ Program for Nation’s Top Juniors

June 19, 2006 10:37 AM

America’s Best Prodigies To Receive Dunlop Products and Program Support

Believing that the future is now, Dunlop Tennis is launching a new program for America’s top junior players, to be called ‘The D-Squad.’ This new Dunlop initiative will provide Dunlop tennis equipment and program support to leading junior tennis players, ages 10 – 18, who demonstrate excellence in every element of their game. According to Fallon Koon, Dunlop’s Junior Tennis program manager, “Those players selected for the Dunlop Tennis ‘D-Squad’ represent the best of the best in their performance on and off the court. These young, talented individuals truly are the role models for all tennis enthusiasts, especially aspiring young players.” Juniors who want to apply for Dunlop’s ‘D-Squad’ should contact Teamdunlop@dunlopsports.com.

Dunlop’s new program will reward juniors who are ranked in the top 50 nationally, based on quarterly rankings set by the USTA. Qualifying juniors must play a minimum of 5 sanctioned National tournaments throughout the contract year. In addition, each player must be a member of the USTA. Screening of qualified candidates will be led by a team of Dunlop Tennis managers headed by Koon.

Top Juniors to be fully Equipped with Dunlop Product

While the selection process for Dunlop’s ‘D-Squad’ will be highly competitive, according to Koon, those juniors who do get chosen will receive tremendous benefits. For top-tier junior players, Dunlop is committed to providing racquets, travel bags, tennis accessories and more. Specific Dunlop product packages will be tailored to individual players’ needs and levels of competitive performance. In addition to receiving Dunlop equipment, ‘D-Squad’ members will be showcased in national media activities, receptions at key events and materials produced for the ‘D-Squad’ program. “These players are the stars,” Koon emphasized, “And we want to help them reach their full potential.”

About Dunlop Tennis:
Dunlop Tennis is a business unit of Dunlop Sports Group, Americas, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dunlop Slazenger International, Ltd., which is known worldwide by sports enthusiasts who value quality and performance in their sporting goods equipment. Headquartered in Greenville, SC, the company’s product line spans tennis racquets and tennis balls; squash racquets and balls; Carlton badminton racquets and shuttles; and golf balls, golf accessories and golf clubs. International endorsers include tennis legend John McEnroe, all-time squash champion Jonathon Powers and three time world long-drive champion Sean Fister. For further information, visit www.dunlopsports.com or call 800.768.4727.




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