Updated Southern Endorsement Lists for USTA 12 Zonals

June 9, 2004 02:38 PM

The 2004 Boys' and Girls' 12 Zone Team Championships are being played in State College, PA and Nashville, TN from July 28 through August 1. This is a National level 2 event. Applications and site information are available here (to view the files below you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader) or they can be obtained from your Southern endorser at the Southern Boys' and Girls' 12 Closed Championship being held in Columbia, SC.

Players may print out all needed paperwork from the links below. Please follow the directions included in the cover letter from your endorsers. Also be sure to return the completed application, along with your entry fee check, to your endorser before leaving the Southern Closed.

Selection Lists and Alternates are below:


B12s Zonal Players - PA SiteB12 Zonal Players - TN Site
1. Banks, John1. Adams, Bryant
2. Blum, Jeremy2. Alabaster, Jason
3. Canelon, Matthew3. Aru, Mario
4. Cassady, Stewart4. Butler, Lewis
5. Fielkow, Steven5. Cardenas, Mario
6. Dickerson, Cameron6. Coxe, James
7. Gold, Maks7. Doleac, Alex
8. Hatcher, Trey8. George, William
9. Hilsman, Cal9. Hardy, Taylor
10. Crocker, Nathan10. Harrington, Hunter
11. Krause, Zackary11. Houck, Alex
12. Kwiatrowski, Thai12. Jackson, Rand
13. Mark, Daniel13. Miller, Duncan
14. McMaster, Anthony14. Mills, Hunter
15. Forbes, Ryan15. Mudge, Robbie
16. Prichard, Peter16. Norton, Colton
17. Richmond, John17. Peets, Ross
18. Richmond, Joshua18. Samowitz, Preston
19. Schlacks, Hunter19. Seymour, Trey
20. Alcott, Alex20. Shelar, Kavi
21. Smith, Austin
22. Sperr, Elliot
23. Suk, Will
24. Verzaal, Robert
25. Woolard, Logan
1. Carruthers, Will - TN Only
2. Jones, Carson - TN Only
3. Crum, Alex - TN Only
4. Lawdahl, Christopher - TN Only
5. Calott, Alex
6. Filekow, Steven
7. Crocker, Nathan
8. Forbes, Ryan
9. Anderson, Russell - TN Only
10. Baker, Chase
11. Sanchez, Hugo
12. Westbrook, Cole - TN Only
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G12s Zonal Players - PA SiteG12 Zonal Players - TN Site
1. Alford, Alexandra1. Bickham, Isadora
2. Coburn, Madison2. Boyd, Louisa
3. Consonery, Chandler3. Bradley, Alex
4. Courter, Julia4. Cannon, Nancy
5. Cox, Stephanie5. Chadwell, Kaylene
6. Curnes, Nikki6. Daniell, Rachel
7. Domitrovich, Amanda7. Everett, Hayley
8. Durham, Hannah8. Gardiner, Courtney
9. Falkin, Allison9. Griffith, Courtney
10. Helpingstine, Tori10. Johnston, Jordan
11. Herring, Lauren11. Kelly, Kayla
12. Lazarus, Jordan12. Kitchen, Caitlin
13. Owens, Avery13. Kowal, Kourtney
14. Prickett, Alexis14. Martin, Mary Angela
15. Ray, Kaitlin15. McKey, Caroline
16. Stanford, Kate16. McMurray, Kayla
17. Thomas, London17. Meka, Nikita
18. Trumbull, Lauren18. Newton, Emily
19. Williams, Connor19. Orr, Caroline
20. Williams, Shauna20. Pearce, Kathryn
21. Rossi, Katherine
22. Sanford, Laura
23. Stephens, Jane
24. Stephens, Nene
25. Szilazi, Kendall
1. Brown, Amber - TN Only
2. Grant, Abbey - TN Only
3. Caldwell, Ariel - TN Only
4. Williams, Marion - PA
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Selected players need to email your appropriate endorser (below) to confirm your selection and your intention to participate. Acceptance letters will not be mailed out. All players selected for State College, PA site need to make hotel reservations immediately. All southern players will be at the same hotel and rooms are blocked off until July 1. See the site information sheet for more details. It is recommended that alternates willing to attend the PA site make reservations also.

Boys' - Mary Jane Miller
Girls' - Terry Ferrell