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Georgia Reigns Supreme at Bullfrog USTA Southern Section Junior Davis/Fed Cup Championship

September 19, 2003 11:41 AM

Final Team Standings:

Gold DivisionSilver DivisionBronze Division
1. Team Georgia1. Team North Carolina1. Team Kentucky
2. Team Tennessee2. Team Alabama2. Team Mississippi
3. Team South Carolina3. Team Louisiana3. Team Arkansas
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Team Georgia won its 10th consecutive Bullfrog USTA Southern Section Junior Davis/Fed Cup Championship over a tough Tennessee team in the final match. Enroute to its Gold Division title, Team Georgia defeated teams from South Carolina, Kentucky and Alabama.

Members of Team Georgia include: Ryan Smith, Bradley Cox, Jarmere Jenkins, Marc Dwyer, Kyle Baker, Trent Hagen, Jimmy Petit, Sandeep Daiya, Joseph Vellanikaran, Cameron Ellis, Lauren Meier, Courtney Rauscher, Kyla Iwinski, Allyn Mueller, Jennifer Meredith, Anastesia Opata, Erica Zabkar, and Jennifer Tucci. Team Georgia coaches were Rick Davison and Derek Ameel.

In other results, Team North Carolina won the Silver Division with Team Alabama finishing second and Team Louisiana finishing third.

Team Kentucky took the Bronze Division with Team Mississippi second and Team Arkansas third.

In addition to Davison and Ameel, the coaches at the tournament were: Eph Walker and Geoff Waring for Alabama, Teri and Pat Hennessey for Arkansas, Eddie Johnson and Dave Kunselman for Kentucky, John Walhborg and Tom Hand for Louisiana, Walker and Ray Sahag for Mississippi, Shane Wells and Brooke Skeen for North Carolina, Ben Simon and Brian Burke for South Carolina and Shannon Dunkin and Sue Bartlett for Tennessee.

The Champions Club and GPS School in Chattanooga, TN were the host sites. Many thanks to title sponsor Bullfrog Waterproof Sunblock and to tournament director, Eric Voges, and all of the wonderful volunteers from Chattanooga who helped make this year’s event the best yet!

Team GA - 2003 Jr. Davis / Fed Cup Champions w/ Mary Lou Hambrick, Bill Ozaki, Coach Derek Ameel (on left), and Eric Voges and Coach Rick Davison (on right).

Team Scores:

Friday, September 12

Saturday, September 13 - Sunday, September 14




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