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Nike Junior Tour Entrant and Alternate Lists

August 20, 2003 12:14 PM

The Nike Junior Tour is a group of junior tournaments for boys and girls, 12s and 14s. The NJT is currently played in 23 countries with over 45,000 players participating in 2003. Ten USTA sections are participating this summer. The USTA Southern Section will hold 3 NJT events.

ATLANTA - HudlowSat. Match times in parentheses
Boys 12s
Main Draw
Boys 14s
Main Draw

Girls 12s
Main Draw

Girls 14s
Main Draw
Benjamin Hunter (8:00)Arie Hefter (9:30)Alexus Coats (10;30)Kendall Wilde (2:30)
Jadon Phillips (1:00)Kenneth Joel Porterfield (12:30)Emily A. Newton (9:30)Brittany Thompson (2:30)
Miles GoldmanMichael Browder (2:00)Rachel Heckman (8:00)Ashley Canty (10:30)
Elias Crist (8:00)Mike Dunn (10:00)Ariel Caldwell (1:30)Marybeth Black (10:00)
Nathan Pasha (12:00)Andrew Choi (9:30)Jordon Johnston (8:00)
Andrew Goodwin (8:00)Jay Chang (8:00)Briana Berne (9:00)
Eujene Oh (12:00)Powell D. Porter (8:00)Kinsey Williams (9:30)
Jonathan Sawyer (8:00)Richard Doverspike (2:00)Jordan L. Carter (9:00)
Harris Barnard (9:00)Drake A. Bernstein (10:30)
Terence Celestine (8:00)Collin Cole (10:30)
Terrell Celestine (8:00)John Flowers Hollimon (10:00)
Jake Bowling (9:00)
Patrick Nikolaus Seebohm (8:00)   
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CHARLOTTESat. Match times in parentheses
Boys 12s
Main Draw
Boys 14s
Main Draw

Girls 12s
Main Draw

Girls 14s
Main Draw
Patrick Cunningham (11:30)Carter Braxton (10:15)Sally Bartelmo (10:15)Jennifer Stone (9:00)
John Richmond (11:30)Andrew Carter (10:15)Stephanie Rector (10:15)Lindsay Cannon (9:00)
Thai Kwiatkowski (11:30)Wesley Moran (9:00)Nancy Cannon (10:15)Amber Arciero (9:00)
Joshua Richmond (9:00)Alex Attelt (10:15)Grace Baker (10:15)Carissa King (9:00)
Ian Laster (10:15)Ivan Ho (11:30) Emily Mauser (9:00)
Harry Menzies (10:15)Angus Menzies (11:30) Shondra Redfern (9:00)
Patrick Rhoney (10:15)Michael Amidon (10:15) Christina Lee (9:00)
David Richardson (10:15)Chris Baum (9:00) Christina Calott (9:00)
Alex Calott (9:00)Chris Sheehan (11:30)
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