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Delta Airlines Junior Player of the Month - Robert Cameron

May 20, 2003 11:49 AM

Seventeen year old Robert Cameron has enjoyed a highly successful junior playing career. Among his many accomplishments is a 2002 Super National Clay Court Championship and a current ITF ranking of No. 29 in the world. He was also runner-up at the 17th Annual Yucatan Cup in December 2002. Cameron is far and away one of the rising tennis stars in the USTA Southern Section.

"Bobby Cameron comes into the summer of 2003 as one of the top Southern and National players of 2002," said Bill Ozaki, Director of Programs, Development and High Performance for the USTA Southern Section. "His win at the 2002 Super National Clay Courts along with his excellent performance at ITF tournaments this past Fall should help to prepare Bobby for his first year of 18's in 2003. By earning a top 50 ITF ranking, Bobby has put himself in the top 5 American players currently ranked in the International Tennis Federation world junior rankings. 2003 should be another banner year for Bobby Cameron."

Q&A w/ Robert Cameron:
1) At what age did you start playing tennis?

I started playing tennis when I was two years old.

2) What is your first memory on the tennis court?
My first memory on the tennis court is running around with my friends as a little kid playing various tennis games. I remember having so much fun.

3) What sort of impact has tennis had on your life?
I think tennis has taught me how to focus and to be very dedicated.

4) What would you consider your biggest accomplishment so far in tennis?
My biggest accomplishment on the court thus far in my career is either winning the Super National Clay Courts or being ranked #29 in the ITF.

5) What is the ultimate goal of your tennis career?
To be No. 1 in the world

6) Do you have any advice for kids looking to get involved in tennis?
Just have fun.

7) What are your plans for college and beyond?
I am going to the University of Tennessee in January. I will probably go attend the school anywhere from one semester to four years and then at some point turn pro.

8) How do you spend your time away from tennis?
Just relax.

9) Are you involved in any other sports?
Not at the moment.

10) How do escape from the pressures of practice and competition?
I really do not like to escape the pressures. . . In general, I love pressure and I love the competition.

11) Who has been the most influential person in your life?
My dad and Chris Woodruff (former touring pro and current Assistant Coach at the University of Tennessee).

12) What tennis star would you like to model your career after?
I would have to say Carlos Moya.

Robert Cameron - Delta Airlines Junior Player
Birthdate: March 10, 1986
Birthplace: Danbury, Conneticut, USA
Residence: Lenoir City, Tennessee, USA
Height: 6'2 1/2"
Plays: Right Handed

- Currently No. 15 USTA (18s), No. 29 ITF (18s)
2002 - No. 1 Tennessee (18s), No. 2 Southern (18s), No. 25 USTA (18s), No. 63 ITF (18s), No. 5 USTA (16s)
2001 - No. 2 Tennessee (16s), No. 3 Southern (16s), No. 26 USTA (16s)
2000 - No. 1 Tennessee (14s), No. 1 Southern (14s), No. 19 USTA (14s)


  • Selected by USTA High Performance Coaches, Ricardo Acuna, Richard Ashby, Debbie Graham and Martin Van Daalen, to represent the United States at ITF events in Europe; including the the 39th Astrid Bowl (Belgian International Junior Championships) and the International Junior Championships of France, Roland Garros



  • Super Nation Clay Court Champion and Sportsmanship Award (16s),
  • Tennessee State Qualifying Single and Doubles Champion (18s),
  • South Designated Champion (18s),
  • 5th Place Peach State (18s),
  • Runner-Up Yucatan Cup in MexicoGrade A (18s)


  • Singles Runner-up and Doubles Champion Tennessee State Qualifying (16s),
  • 3rd Place Southern Closed (16s),
  • Southern Indoor Champion (18s)


  • 5th Place Tennessee State Qualifying (16s),
  • Runner Up Southern Designated (14s),
  • Runner Up National Spring Fling (14s),
  • 4th Place Nation Peach State (14s),
  • 5th Place Gator Bowl (14s),
  • Southern Indoor Champion (14s),
  • Southern Designated Champion (16s)


  • 2nd Place Singles and Doubles Tennessee State Qualifying (14s),
  • Southern Designated Winner (14s)


  • Mother is Angelia Cameron and father is Rob Cameron, Tennis pro at Fox Den Country Club. Father also owns Rob Cameron Tennis Academy.
  • Sister, Miranda, is 12 years old.
  • My hobbies include creating and listening to music on the computer and playing guitar. Also plays chess and badminton.



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