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USA Team Tennis Southeast Regional Championship Results

October 11, 2002 09:26 AM

The 2002 USA Team Tennis Southeast Regional Championships are in the books, with the Southern Section's own Huntcliff (GA) team taking home the title in the Stars division! The round-robin event featuring the top two USA Team Tennis teams from each of the Southern, Florida, and Texas Sections was played at the Stone Mountain Tennis Center in Atlanta from October 4-6. The complete results can be found below:


Round 1

Huntcliff (GA) def. Velociti (FL) 34-12

Agassis (TX) def. Falls of Autry Mills (GA) 32-26

Texas Heat (TX) def. Vicious and Delicious (FL) 39-19

Round 1

The Bryans (FL) def. English Angles (KY) 31-23

Team NRG (TX) def. Piper Glen Pitbulls (NC) 33-22

Dynamite (TX) def. Ft. King All Stars (FL) 31-26

Round 2

Huntcliff (GA) def. Falls of Autry Mills (GA) 32-18

Texas Heat (TX) def. Velociti (FL) 37-19

Agassis (TX) def. Vicious and Delicious (FL) 40-13

Round 2

English Angles (KY) def. Piper Glen Pit Bulls (NC) 37-22

Dynamite (TX) def. The Bryans (FL) 31-24

Ft. King All Stars (FL) def. Team NRG (TX) 29-26

Round 3

Huntcliff (GA) def. Texas Heat (TX) 32-26

Falls of Autry Mills (GA) def. Vicious and Delicious (FL) 35-18

Agassis (TX) def. Velociti (FL) 31 -23

Round 3

Dynamite (TX) def. English Angles (KY) 30-23

Ft. KingAll Stars (FL) def. Piper Glen Pit Bulls (NC) 31-23

The Bryans (FL) def. Team NRC (TX) 29-26

Round 4

Huntcliff (GA) def. Vicious and Delicious (40-3)

Falls of Autry Mills (GA) def. Velociti (FL) 37-18

Texas Heat (TX) def. Agassis (TX) 37-23

Round 4

Ft. King All Stars (FL) def English Angles (KY) 27-24

Team NRG (TX) def. Dynamite (FL) 32-30

Piper Glen Pit Bulls (NC) def. The Bryans (FL) 29-27

Round 5

Huntcliff (GA) def. Agassis (TX) 33-23

Vicious and Delicious (FL) def. Velociti (FL) 34-27

Texas Heat (TX) tied Falls of Autry Mills (GA) 27-27

Round 5

Team NRG (TX) def. English Angles (KY) 25-24

Dynamite (FL) def. Piper Glen Pitbulls (NC) 40-15

The Bryans (FL) def. Ft. King All Stars (FL) 31-28



1. Huntcliff (S) - 171

1. Dynamite (TX) - 162

2. Texas Heat (TX) - 166

2. Ft. King All Stars (FL) - 145

3. Agassis (TX) - 149

3. The Bryans (FL) - 142

4. Falls of Autry Mills (S) - 143

4. Team NRG (TX) - 137

5. Velociti (FL) - 99

5. English Angles (S) - 131

6. Vicious & Delicious (FL) - 83

6. Piper Glen Pit Bulls (S) - 111

USTA Sportsmanship AwardsUSTA Sportsmanship Awards
Boys - Jonathan Munoz, Vicious and Delicous (FL)

Boys - Chris Toussaint, Piper Glen Pit Bulls (S)

Girls - Maygan Rollins, Vicious and Delicious (FL)

Girls - Lara Landers, Team NRG (TX)




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