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Southern Section Campus Championship Event Blogs

February 27, 2010 03:18 PM

Throughout the course of the weekend, staff members and players from various teams will be posting blogs on the tournament and their experience in Auburn, AL.

Friday, Feb. 26

Gina Marano, USTA Southern

Myself, Jeff Smith and Graham Cox spent most of the day setting up and getting everything prepared for the 9 a.m. start tomorrow. The two of them were in town since Thursday surveying the site and town but I arrived today a little before noon. This event has been in Dothan, AL for the last two years and has moved to Auburn with a second event in Knoxville, Tenn. this year. With a new site and new city, Jeff had a lot going on to make sure everything was good to go for the teams. With the site ready to go, the three of us are getting ready to head back to the hotel…. Check back later!

Well…. It’s about 6 and the hotel is filling up with college kids. I wonder if the Hampton Inn has any idea what is about to happen!! The three of us are working in the lobby finishing up some last minute items like the match cards, court assignments and website updates. I think its time for dinner…Lets see what Auburn has to offer for evening entertainment…. 


Saturday, Feb. 27

USC blog
Robert Pearce, University of South Carolina

Our experience at the USTA Southern Campus Championships is one that has been marked by generous hospitality, smiling faces and (unfortunately for us) incredibly competitive tennis. A plethora of college students, ranging from the heights of snowy Appalachia to the depths of the Louisiana Bayou, have converged to express their love for one thing: whacking neon, round, fuzzy spheres around with a large stick (also known as tennis, for those uninitiated).

Fortunately, our A and B teams both won this morning, but our pending opponents appear to be quite fighting forces. However, with the assistance of the amazing lunch provided by our hosts which we are soon to devour, I believe our chances will improve.

Time to Feast! 

Daniel James, Auburn University

Despite all of the great tennis and tight matches (especially the Clemson/Auburn "A" match, which came down to the set tiebreaker in the mixed match), clearly the highlight of the tournament has been how phenomenally awesome the mixed Gatorade has tasted. Yarbrough Tennis Center all-stars, Allison Tjelmeland and Daniel James, have really been on their Gatorade-mixing game this weekend; it's obvious they put in a lot of practice and hard work in the off-season. Those days and nights of endless measuring, stirring, and mixing, all in preparation to meet the demands of over 250 insatiably thirsty club tennis players from around the Southeast. And, aside from a few excusable missteps (e.g. the delicious though unsightly lemon-lime fog enveloping the kitchen), analysts predict the Tjelmeland/James pairing will take the coveted Gatorade-mixing title this weekend.

The dynamic duo also entered in the brownie-cutting and the coffee-making divisions, but due to a pair of costly errors (i.e. crumbly brownies and painfully small shot-glass-sized styrofoam coffee cups), they are not favored to place in those events.

 Sunday, Feb. 28

Robert Pearce, University of South Carolina

After an eventful evening of revelrous merrymaking, our players awoke this morning to gong-like sounds emanating from cell phones and were ready to dominate. USC-B played Wake Forest (they’re really nice!) this morning and won! Afterwards, the B team wended their way to watch the A team play NC State. Sadly, we lost in overtime in what has been regarded by Sports Illustrated as being the best match in tennis history- true story!

That said, we are now enjoying epic Subway sandwiches (do I get advertising dollars for this??) and are about to mount these tennis courts and ride them to victory!!

Sine cera, Robert

Daniel James, Auburn University

One of the neat things about tournaments like these is that you get to meet people from all over who are just here to have fun, not necessarily here to try to demolish all their opponents. I mean, nobody is going to complain if they win, but it's nice to be able to go beyond pure competition and enjoy tennis for the engaging, athletic, and social sport it is. And, really, that's what the game is truly all about.

Graham Cox, USTA South Carolina

TOC tourney desk grahamWe’re in the home stretch!  The last matches are playing and although the tournament desk is a little disheveled we’re looking good. The event staff is looking through photos taken and enjoying reliving a few entertaining moments provided by the players. The competition has been excellent, but most remarkable is the sportsmanship and fun players have.    





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