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2008 All-America NCAA Division I Tennis Teams Announced

June 3, 2008 09:39 AM
NCAA singles champions Somdev Devvarman of Virginia and Amanda McDowell of Georgia Tech highlight the 2008 Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) All-America Teams for Division I men's and women's tennis, released in conjunction with the season-ending ITA national singles and doubles rankings.

Both Devvarman and McDowell captured the NCAA singles titles on Monday in Tulsa, Okla. This is the third straight year senior Devvarman has earned ITA All-America honors and the first year for sophomore McDowell. Devvarman also finished the season at No. 1 in the ITA singles rankings, while McDowell finished at No. 3.

Georgia senior Travis Helgeson is the lone male player to have earned ITA All-America honors each of the past four seasons. On the women's side, five seniors from five different schools are being honored as All-America for the fourth time in their careers: Susie Babos of California, Kristi Miller of Georgia Tech, Megan Moulton-Levy of William & Mary, Zuzana Zemenova of Baylor and Riza Zalameda of UCLA.

Also highlighting this year's teams are NCAA doubles champs Tracy Lin and Zalameda from UCLA and Robert Farah and Kaes Van't Hof from Southern California.

A player must meet any of the following criteria to earn ITA All-America honors:

1.) Top 16 seed in NCAA Singles Championships, or;
2.) Reach round of 16 in NCAA Singles Championships, or;
3.) Finish in the Top 20 of the final ITA Rankings.

1.) Top eight seed in NCAA Doubles Championships, or;
2.) Reach quarterfinals of NCAA Doubles Championship, or;
3.) Finish in Top 10 of final ITA Rankings

The ITA National Players of the Year and ITA National Doubles Teams of the Year will be announced next week.

The ITA All-America Teams for all divisions are currently available on the ITA website at www.ITAtennis.com.

2008 ITA All-America Teams:

Division I Men's Tennis
(S - Singles, D - Doubles)
Jean-Yves Aubone, Florida State (S)
Bassam Beidas, Pepperdine (S)
Andre Begemann, Pepperdine (S)
Jonas Berg, Mississippi (D)
Ivan Bjelica, Mississippi St. (S)

Arnau Brugues, Tulsa (S)
Alex Clayton, Stanford (S)
Andy Connelly, Tulsa (D)
Ed Corrie, Texas (D)
Ross Cunningham, Tulsa (D)
Kellen Damico, Texas (D)
Somdev Devvarman, Virginia (S, D)
Drew Eberly, Ohio State (D)
Robert Farah, Southern Cal. (S, D)
Boris Fetbroyt, Maryland (D)
Taylor Fogleman, North Carolina (D)
Steven Forman, Wake Forest (D)
Travis Helgeson, Georgia (S)
Kaden Hensel, Tennessee (D)
Treat Huey, Virginia (D)
Dominic Inglot, Virginia (S)
Chris Kearney, North Carolina (D)
Bryan Koniecko, Ohio State (S, D)
Austin Krajicek, Texas A&M (D)
Justin Kronauge, Ohio State (S, D)
Dimitar Kutrovsky, Texas (S)
Denes Lukacs, Baylor (S)
Steven Moneke, Ohio State (S, D)
Oleksandr Nedovyesov, Oklahoma St. (S)
Enrique Olivares, East Tennessee (S)
Andy Orban, Maryland (D)
Greg Ouellette, Florida (S)
Cory Parr, Wake Forest (D)
Lars Poerschke, Baylor (S)
Conor Pollock, Texas A&M (D)
Bruno Rosa, Rice (S)
Nate Schnugg, Georgia (S)
J.P. Smith, Tennessee (S, D)

Carl Sundberg, Miami (Fla.) (D)
Bram ten Berge, Mississippi (D)
Erling Tveit, Mississippi (S, D)
Daniel Vallverdu, Miami (Fla.) (S, D)
Kaes Van't Hof, Southern Cal. (D)
Matthias Wellermann, Mississippi (D)

Division I Women's Tennis
Megan Alexander, Florida (D)
Susie Babos, California (D)
Hilary Barte, Stanford (S,D)
Marrit Boonstra, Florida (D)
Lenka Broosova, Baylor (S, D)
Brook Buck, Notre Dame (D)
Lindsay Burdette, Stanford (D)
Fani Chifchieva, Auburn (S)
Marina Cossou, California (S)
Megan Falcon, LSU (S)
Amanda Fink, Southern Cal. (S, D)
Melanie Gloria, Fresno State (S, D)
Amanda Granson, Duke (D)
Alex Haney, Auburn (D)
Claire Ilcinkas, California (S)
Melissa Koning, Auburn (D)
Renata Kucerkova, Fresno State (D)
Stephanie Kusano, California (D)
Tracy Lin, UCLA (S, D)
Melissa Mang, Duke (D)
Sanaz Marand, North Carolina (S)
Amanda McDowell, Georgia Tech (S)
Ani Mijacika, Clemson (S, D)
Kristi Miller, Georgia Tech (S)
Aurelija Miseviciute, Arkansas (S)
Maria Mosolova, Northwestern (S)
Megan Moulton-Levy, William & Mary (S, D)
Jessica Nguyen, Stanford (S)
Gabriela Niculescu, Southern Cal (D)
Anastasia Petukhova, Fresno State (S)
Georgia Rose, Northwestern (S)
Tinesta Rowe, Fresno State (D)
Carol Salge, Clemson (D)
Amanda Taylor, Vanderbilt (S)
Kelcy Tefft, Notre Dame (D)
Laura Vallverdu, Miami (Fla.) (S)
Riza Zalameda, UCLA (S, D)
Zuzana Zemenova, Baylor (S, D)
Katrina Zheltova, Sacramento St. (S)
Katarina Zoricic, William & Mary (D)
Reka Zsilinszka, Duke (S)

ITA Collegiate Tennis Rankings (Final):

Men's Singles Top 20
1. Somdev Devvarman, Virginia
2. Oleksandr Nedovyesov, Oklahoma State
3. Travis Helgeson, Georgia
4. Greg Ouellette, Florida
5. Andre Begemann, Pepperdine
6. Denes Lukacs, Baylor
7. Daniel Vallverdu, Miami (Fla.)
8. Alex Clayton, Stanford
9. Robert Farah, Southern California
10. Lars Poerschke, Baylor
11. Arnau Brugues, Tulsa
12. Dimitar Kutrovsky, Texas
13. Justin Kronauge, Ohio State
14. Bryan Koniecko, Ohio State
15. J.P. Smith, Tennessee
16. Steven Moneke, Ohio State
17. Nate Schnugg, Georgia
18. Ivan Bjelica, Mississippi State
19. Jean-Yves Aubone, Florida State
20. Erling Tveit, Mississippi
20. T Bruno Rosa, Rice

Women's Singles Top 20
1. Aurelija Miseviciute, Arkansas
2. Ani Mijacika, Clemson
3. Amanda McDowell, Georgia Tech
4. Hilary Barte, Stanford
5. Amanda Fink, Southern California
6. Zuzana Zemenova, Baylor
7. Maria Mosolova, Northwestern
8. Riza Zalameda, UCLA
9. Marina Cossou, California
10. Lenka Broosova, Baylor
11. Fani Chifchieva, Auburn
12. Kristi Miller, Georgia Tech
13. Sanaz Marand, North Carolina

14. Georgia Rose, Northwestern
15. Melanie Gloria, Fresno State
16. Jessica Nguyen, Stanford
17. Laura Vallverdu, Miami (Fla.)
18. Megan Moulton-Levy, William & Mary
19. Megan Falcon, Louisiana State
20. Amanda Taylor, Vanderbilt
20. T Anastasia Petukhova, Fresno State




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