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Campus Championships Daily News

March 24, 2007 09:12 AM
2007 Southern Section Campus Championships Underway

More than 200 college students converged on the Champions Club in Chattanooga, TN for the USTA Southern Campus Championships. Club teams representing twenty-one universities and colleges throughout the Southeast hit the courts to battle for the Section Title. Play began at 9 a.m. on Saturday under clear skies and as the day heated up so did the rivalries between teams. With four matches scheduled on Saturday and two on Sunday, the players are guaranteed ample playing time. After a long day of dueling it out on the courts, players headed to the player party to mingle with teammates and friends at the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel.

The World Team Tennis format is the playing format for the Championships and consists of co-ed teams competing in Men’s and Women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles matches. The winner is determined at the end of play on Sunday with the Championship match between the two teams that advance through the gold division draw. The top four finishers are guaranteed a spot into the coveted USTA National Campus Championships set for April 26th -28th in Cary, NC. A total of ten teams will represent the Southern Section at the National Campus Championships as six other bids are available from this event.

The USTA Team Tennis on College Campus program was created to increase the use of campus facilities while providing students the opportunity to socialize and exercise. Additionally, the program is dedicated to growing the game of tennis on college campuses and offers various funding and grants to support club teams in the South.

New Additions Add to Winning Streak

When Margret Jung arrived last July from Biberach, Germany she hoped that she would find a few tennis enthusiasts in Charlotte, NC. At the start of her first semester at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, the M.B.A. graduate student went looking for a club tennis team. Jung attended a club team practice at UNCC's D.L. Phillips Tennis Complex and was quickly welcomed with open arms. She began competing with the 49ers during fall play and established her spot as the crucial singles position.

Jung's first match on hard courts was during the Virginia Beach tournament where she faced players from Villanova, University of Colorado, Johns Hopkins, NC State, Elon, Eastern Carolina University, Clemson, GA Tech, James Madison, and Davidson. The new surface did not shake the European Club Player who is accustomed to the play of the red clay court. The team finished fifth in the tournament and Jung romped through the competition dropping only a hand full of games.

To date, Margret is working on a twenty plus match winning streak and has continued to dominate at the USTA Southern Section Campus Championships. Although Margret's record is quite impressive, she is only one member of a team that is headed for the top. The UNCC 49ers, who have already registered to compete in the USTA National Campus Championships next month, travel with a team of seven highly skilled players. UNCC men's tennis assistant coach, Zvi Landsberg of Israel, joined the men's lineup for the event. A former Varsity men's player for the 49ers, Zvi is raising the bar for men's singles play.

Hit the Courts, but don't forget to hit the books

Only our players are as studious as to bring along that Statistics book during a weekend road trip that includes intense tennis, great weather, and hundreds of college kids. We caught students from several universities cramming for tests in between matches and change overs. While we are proud of their ability to prioritize work from play, there is no doubt that these students fit in some time for fun during the weekend!
Georgia Southern Student

Getting to Chattanooga Proves Difficult for Teams

University of South Carolina

USTA Southern's Campus Championships are held in Chattanooga, TN; one of the most central locations in the Southern Section. On Friday, teams piled in the car and started the trek to Chattanooga, some more successfully than others. Many teams were late arriving due to construction through Atlanta, but the University of South Carolina had a particularily difficult ride. Team Captain, Jordan Temple, described the trip; "We stopped at Patterson Hall to pick up a teammate and noticed that our car was billowing smoke minutes into the journey. The team reloaded everyone into a different car and took off. About half a mile later we made an illegal left turn on campus and were stopped by USC Police. After hearing the story, we got off with a warning. And somehow were able to get here without another incident."

Elon Club Team Rallies Support for Phoenix Tennis Team

Team Elon
The Elon Club Tennis Team sponsored the first ever "tennis team meet and greet" with the varsity tennis teams at Elon University. Members of the club and varsity teams came out to the courts to get to know each other and round up support for Elon Tennis. The event was envisioned as a method to grow attendance at varsity tennis matches. Sarah Holmes, a former varsity player, thought a successful tactic would be to get the spectators interested in the members of the team. Holmes gathered information from players on the varsity teams such as: favorite TV show, favorite movie, favorite candy, favorite athlete, person they most like to play in a match, the grade in school they wish they could go back to, the person they would like to changes places with, and two words that describe their style of play.

Her efforts made an impact as more and more people began coming out to the varsity and club tennis matches. The process bonded the two groups together and they now have developed friendships with their fellow tennis enthusiasts. Christmas parties, socials, and gatherings are now the norm between these two groups and consequently tennis has grown more popular on campus. With the success of the organization, the founder and former club team president, Samantha Tremblay, won an award for her leadership efforts in club tennis.




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