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ITA All-America Team for Division I Tennis Announced

May 30, 2003 11:31 AM

The 2003 Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) All-America Team for NCAA Division I men and women was announced today.

The ITA All-America Team for men dates back to 1957 and the women's team dates back to 1984. This year 43 women and 45 men met the criteria for ITA All-America honors at the Division I level (complete teams listed below).

This year's ITA All-America women's team includes three four-time ITA All-Americans: Adria Engel of Arizona State, College Park, GA native Jewel Peterson of Southern California and Sara Walker of UCLA. Five others are on the team for the third time in their career: Lauren Barnikow of Stanford, Claire Carter of Washington, Lori Grey of Georgia, Amanda Johnson of Duke and Sarah Witten of Kentucky. Also on this year's team are freshman Amber Liu of Stanford, this year's NCAA singles champion, and Tennessee senior Vilmarie Castellvi, who finished No. 1 in the final Omni Hotels national singles rankings, released today. NCAA finalist Stanford led all teams with four ITA All-Americans, including Jackson, GA native Erin Burdette who made up one half of the top-seeded doubles team in the 2003 NCAA Championships.

The ITA All-America men's team includes three-time ITA All-American Amer Delic of Illinois, this year's NCAA singles champ. In addition to Delic, there are six others earning ITA All-American honors for the third time in their careers: Alex Hartman of Mississippi, Bo Hodge of Georgia, Phil King of Duke, Scott Lipsky of Stanford, Oliver Maiberger of San Diego State and David Martin of Stanford. Also on the team is two-time ITA All-American Bobby Reynolds of Vanderbilt, who finished No. 1 in the Omni Hotels national singles rankings. NCAA champ Illinois, Stanford and Texas A&M led all schools with three players on the ITA All-America Team.

Players earn ITA All-America honors in singles and/or doubles based on their final ranking, advancement at the NCAA Championships and/or seeding at the NCAA Championships (exact criteria listed at bottom of release).

The ITA National Player of the Year and ITA National Doubles Team of the Year will be announced next week. ITA All-America Teams for all divisions will be available on the ITA web site,

2003 ITA All-America Teams

Vilmarie Castellvi, Tennessee (Singles, Doubles)
Alice Barnes, Stanford (S)
Lauren Barnikow, Stanford (S, D)
Erin Burdette, Stanford (S, D)
Jackie Carleton, UCLA (S)
Chloe Carlotti, Fresno State (S)
Claire Carter, Washington (D)
Agata Cioroch, Georgia (S, D)
Kendall Cline, North Carolina (D)
Julie DeRoo, Duke (D)
Tammy Encina, Tennessee (S)
Adria Engel, Arizona State (S)
Christina Fusano, California (D)
Alexis Gordon, Florida (S)
Lori Grey, Georgia (D)
Cristelle Grier, Northwestern (S)
Amanda Johnson, Duke (S, D)
Darija Klaic, Washington (D)
Raquel Kops-Jones, California (S, D)
Jenny Kuhn, Tulane (D)
Amber Liu, Stanford (S)
Jennifer Magley, Florida (D)
Kelly McCain, Duke (S)
Aniela Mojzis, North Carolina (D)
Courtney Nagle, Oregon (D)
Daria Panova, Oregon (S, D)
Jewel Peterson, Southern California (S)
Kate Pinchbeck, North Carolina (S)
Alice Pirsu, Pennsylvania (S)
Mira Radu, Mississippi (S)
Zerene Reyes, Florida (D)
Sarah Riske, Vanderbilt (S, D)
Melissa Schaub, Tennessee (D)
Emilie Scribot, Arizona (S)
Julie Smekodub, Tulane (S, D)
Viktoria Stoklasova, South Alabama (S)
Dea Sumantri, Washington (S)
Amy Trefethen, Kentucky (D)
Aleke Tsoubanos, Vanderbilt (D)
Silvia Urickova, Virginia Commonwealth (D)
Sara Walker, UCLA (S)
Sarah Witten, Kentucky (S, D)
Barbora Zahnova, Virginia Commonwealth (D)

Diego Acuna, Pepperdine (D)
Romain Ambert, Mississippi State (S)
Roger Anderson, Georgia Tech (D)
Richard Barker, Rice (D)
William Barker, Rice (S, D)
Steve Berke, California (D)
Nicolas Boeker, Georgia (S)
Oscar Chow, Columbia (S)
Tobias Clemens, UCLA (S)
Andrew Colombo, Auburn (D)
Lester Cook, Texas A&M (D)
KC Corkery, Stanford (S)
Amer Delic, Illinois (S)
Benedikt Dorsch, Baylor (S, D)
Catalin Gard, Mississippi (S)
Calle Hansen, Pepperdine (D)
Chad Harris, Vanderbilt (S)
Alex Hartman, Mississippi (S)
Bo Hodge, Georgia (S)
Janne Holmia, Florida (S)
Rameez Junaid, Auburn (S, D)
Phillip King, Duke (D)
Daniel Klemetz, Middle Tennessee (S)
Michael Kogan, Tulane (S, D)
Robert Kowalczyk, California (D)
Scott Lipsky, Stanford (D)
Ryan Livesay, Tulsa (D)
Oliver Maiberger, San Diego State (S, D)
David Martin, Stanford (S, D)
Ante Matijevic, Texas A&M (D)
Hamid Mirzadeh, Florida (S)
Reiner Neurohr, Baylor (D)
Ryan Newport, Texas A&M (S)
Rajeev Ram, Illinois (S, D)
Ryan Redondo, San Diego State (D)
Bobby Reynolds, Vanderbilt (S)
Victor Romero, Tulane (D)
Seth Rose, South Carolina (S)
Scott Schnugg, Georgia Tech (D)
Dustin Taylor, Tulsa (D)
Alex Vlaski, Washington (S)
Todd Widom, Miami (Fla.) (S)
Brian Wilson, Illinois (S, D)
Jesse Witten, Kentucky (S)
Michael Yani, Duke (D)

Criteria for selection: In order to receive ITA All-America status from the ITA, a player must meet one of the following criteria in their respective divisions:

Singles (denoted by 'S')
1.) Top 16 seed in NCAA Singles Championships, or
2.) Reach round of 16 in NCAA Singles Championships, or
3.) Finish in the Top 20 of the final Omni Hotels Collegiate Tennis Rankings.

Doubles (denoted by 'D')
1.) Top eight seed in NCAA Doubles Championships, or
2.) Reach quarterfinals of NCAA Doubles Championship, or
3.) Finish in Top 10 of final Omni Hotels Collegiate Tennis Rankings




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