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6.0, 8.0 Super Senior National Champs crowned

April 22, 2012 10:37 PM
By J. Fred Sidhu, special to USTA.com

SURPRISE, Ariz. - The 2011 USTA League 6.0 & 8.0 National Championships concluded Sunday in the desert, as the mid-90's heat couldn't stop the four title-winning teams who will take their trophies back home.
The winners' circle featured local heroes - the 8.0 women's division champions from nearby Scottsdale - and road warriors - the men's 6.0 champs travelled over 3,000 miles from their native San Juan, Puerto Rico - all deserving of congratulations on battling through 18 months of league play to reach the top.
Here are your winners: 
6.0 Super Seniors Men
Championship: Caribbean (San Juan, P.R.) def. Florida (Gainesville, Fla.), 3-0
Third Place: Pacific Northwest (Salem, Ore.) def. Southern (Bluffton, S.C.), 2-1
Semifinal 1: Caribbean (San Juan, P.R.) def. Pacific Northwest (Salem, Ore.), 3-0
Semifinal 2: Florida (Gainesville, Fla.) def. Southern (Bluffton, S.C.), 2-1
6.0 Super Seniors Women
Championship: Texas (Tyler, Texas) def. Pacific Northwest (Edmonds, Wash.), 2-1
Third Place: Middle States (Mechanicsburg, Pa.) def. Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii.), 2-1
Semifinal 1: Texas (Tyler, Texas) def. Middle States (Mechanicsburg, Pa.), 3-0
Semifinal 2: Pacific Northwest (Edmonds, Wash.) def. Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii.), 2-1
8.0 Super Seniors Men
Championship: Northern California (Berkeley, Calif.) def. Missouri Valley (Overland Park, Kan.), 2-1
Third Place: Hawaii (Oahu, Hawaii) def. Southern California (Fountain Valley, Calif.), 2-1
Semifinal 1: Northern California (Berkeley, Calif.) def.  Southern California (Fountain Valley, Calif.), 2-1
Semifinal 2: Missouri Valley (Overland Park, Kan.) def. Hawaii (Oahu, Hawaii), 3-0
8.0 Super Seniors Women
Championship: Southwest (Scottsdale, Ariz.) def. Middle States(Hamilton, N.J.), 3-0
Third Place: Florida (Jacksonville, Fla.) def. Intermountain (Las Vegas, Nev.), 3-0
Semifinal 1: Middle States(Hamilton, N.J.) def. Florida (Jacksonville, Fla.), 3-0
Semifinal 2: Southwest (Scottsdale, Ariz.) def. Intermountain (Las Vegas, Nev.), 2-1
Later this week, the section champions of the 7.0 & 9.0 Super Senior divisions will arrive at the Suprise Tennis & Racquet Complex to face off and crown four additional teams to conclude the 2011 USTA League National Championships season.
For more information, check out complete coverage of USTA League Nationals.



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