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Website Makes Tennis Easier For Junior Players—And For You

May 14, 2010 05:06 PM
If you have a child who loves tennis, chances are, he or she will want to play competitively. One of the best places to start is with USTA junior tournaments, but it quickly begins to get complicated. With the numerous tournament details involved, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to keep track of it all. 

Fortunately, there’s a way to make life easier.

The MyTennisNetwork Solution
MyTennisNetwork.com is a subscription-based website that helps players, parents, coaches and tournament directors organize USTA tournament schedules and chart a development plan that encompasses all aspects of junior tennis.

USTA members will get 10% off an annual membership by clicking here and adding the code"STA2010."

MyTennisNetwork.comSimplify Tournament Searches
With a few clicks, you can find specific tournaments that match a player’s skill level.  Easily add tournaments that interest you in a personal calendar and receive automatic reminders of signup deadlines, closings and delays.  You can map the actual tournament locations; view specific event details, download and auto fill medical release forms, and get area travel information, including hotel, restaurant and shopping locations.

Assess the Competition
With MyTennisNetwork, you can view other tournament applicants by age and ranking (state, southern and national). You can look at competitors’ match records and sort data by fields that most interest you. With this information, you can better anticipate the level of competition and gauge a player’s chances of meeting selection criteria and being accepted for entry.

Keep Track of A Player’s Development
One of the best ways to know where your player is going is to know where he or she has been.  With Junior Tennis Player Profiles, you can track your child’s tournament wins, see the breakdown of singles and doubles points calculations and understand exactly how a ranking was calculated.

MyTennisNetwork: Building a Community
Louise Fahys, mother to three junior players, saw the need for a one-stop resource that had reliable information and advice that would help families navigate the junior tennis world.  She and business partners, Valerie Pedreno and Jonathan Fralick, founded MyTennisNetwork to bring all members of the community together, from players and their families, coaches, tennis centers and sponsors.

With a combined 60 years of business and technical experience including project management, website design, architecture and implementation and software engineering and development, MyTennisNetwork, created a website that is user friendly, timely, informative and engaging to both young tennis players, their parents and their coaches. 

As part of creating a community, MyTennisNetwork also publishes articles and profiles of featured players, so juniors can connect and get to know each other.  In addition, MyTennisNetwork promotes citizenship by recognizing players who demonstrate good sportsmanship.

Get Help Navigating the Tennis World
It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different types of advice on how to help your player succeed.  How do you know who or what to believe?  MyTennisNetwork provides expert insights through its partnership with the USTA and from seasoned junior coaches to help players develop.

“MyTennisNetwork provides truthful, factual answers,” explains Jonathan Fralick, award winning Head Tennis Professional at Cary Tennis Park, NC.  Fralick, a USTA high performance coach who brings over two decades of experience as a tennis professional, as well as first hand perspective as a successful junior player, provides sales, marketing and technical coaching expertise to MyTennisNetwork.

When parents have questions about what type of development is best for their child, they can visit the website and get knowledgeable information. What type of preparation are many juniors lacking?  When should a player move up to an older age level?  How should parents navigate that thin line between supporting and pushing their player?

MyTennisNetwork provides the information, organization and support to help families thrive in the busy junior tennis world.

Want to give MyTennisNetwork a try?  Sign up for a free subscription that gives you access to portions of the site.  Convinced that MyTennisNetwork is for you?  Select the premium plan for $4.99/month to have access to the entire range of MyTennisNetwork benefits.

USTA members will get 10% off an annual membership by clicking here and adding the code"STA2010."




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