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Teams Of The Week, Oct. 23-25

September 29, 2009 10:50 AM

Here's a report from three of the Southern teams competing for a USTA League National Championship. They will be playing Oct. 23-25.

Senior Women's 3.5
Little Rock, Ark
National Championship: Oct. 23-25, Indian Wells, Calif.

Arkansas Senior Women's 3.5 team with Governor Mike Beebe
The Arkansas team with their governor, Mike Beebe.
By Maureen Dickson

National Championship: Oct. What does it take to form a championship tennis team?  First, you need to get a couple of self-employed business owners, add a nurse, a bookkeeper, and a stay-at-home mom, then sprinkle in a retired fundraiser, and top it off with the USTA Arkansas State League coordinator. Finally, take this mixture, spice it up with a winning and positive attitude, let it marinate with intense play, and you have the Arkansas 3.5 Women’s Senior Tennis Champions.  

Our mixture of “senior” ladies was formed in February, 2009 by team captains Shirley Hunter and Terri Holmes. After finishing first in our league and then winning the Arkansas State Tennis League Championship, the team traveled to Birmingham, Ala. to compete in the USTA Southern League Section Championships. Despite stiff competition, the Arkansas senior women were victorious. They will now move on to the USTA National Tennis Championships, to be held at the Indian Wells Tennis Complex, near Palm Springs, Calif., as the Southern Section representative.  Other team members include Maureen Dickson, Melanie Riley, Trisha Buchman, Betty Brinkley-Harrison, Kathy Campbell, Priscilla Backus, and Debbie Bennett.

When asked what the key to success was for this team, one player mentioned that the women all genuinely like each other and get along well with no team drama.  Another player suggested, “it might be the margaritas, chips and salsa they always shared at Senor Tequilas, a local Little Rock Mexican restaurant after each team victory.”  Whatever the secret is, this mixture of women, from various walks of life, have come together as a formidable team determined to make their mark at the USTA National Tennis Championships.

Senior Men’s 4.5
Myrtle Beach, S.C.
National Championship: Oct. 23-25, Tucson, Ariz.

 South Carolina Senior Men's 4.5 2009 Section Champions

By Coach John Mack

Our team is made up of a diverse group of players.  Five of our players are from the Myrtle Beach / Florence area along with four players living four hours away in Greenville.  There are five5 tennis pros on the team along with four businessmen.  Five out of our nine players played college tennis. The one thing we “unfortunately” have in common is that we all have our injuries.

This past July we played the USTA Southern Championships in Birmingham.  Around 5:00 on the afternoon after we had played our match to insure our place in the finals Nick McLane and I were looking for the rest of our team.  We found them in Captain John Mack’s room.  The rest of the team had been there for a few hours and Fritz Gildemeister had just finished receiving a massage.   He was the third person in a row to receive one that afternoon.  In fact, over the course of the weekend our team got so many massages we probably need to take our own masseuse to Arizona with us.

John, being the good captain that he is, offered us a beer and we all set down and talked.  The first subject was the pills we took before we played. Aleve and Advil topped the list.  The next topic was who had the ugliest feet. With each of us playing tennis at least 30 years there were some pretty ugly feet.  Larry Rizzo, our SC Tennis Hall of Fame teammate, came in first.  Ken Tracy was a close second.

One thing that is special about our team is how long we have known each other and how close we are.  As an example, I have played doubles with three of our teammates, Ken Tracy, Lester Herbert, and Mike Mitchell, since the mid-1970’s. In addition, I have practiced with or played again Larry Rizzo and Nick McLane since about 1980. Tennis is truly a sport that you can make friends for a lifetime!

 Senior Women’s 4.5, Charlotte N.C.
Senior Women’s 4.5
Charlotte, N.C.
National Championship: Oct. 23-25, Tuscon, Ariz.

By Captain Debbie Carmazzi

To prepare for Nationals we have been drilling each week, playing in local leagues/tournaments and practicing against each other on weekends. We have also had local Adult 4.5 and 5.0 players mix into our practices.

We have eight husbands and one boyfriend making the trip to Tucson with us, as well as one set of in-laws and friends. They are looking forward to watching the tennis, cheering us on, playing golf and going out to dinner!

We have one team member that is celebrating her 50th birthday in Tucson so are planning some sort of surprise for her! Several couples and spouses are staying over a few extra days for sightseeing, hiking, shopping, etc.

We have nine players making this trip, three of whom were here last year. Four players are new to the senior division and two are new to the state of North Carolina, transplants from Florida and California.




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