Team Of The Week: Kentucky 4.0 Women

September 29, 2009 10:50 AM

Here's a report from one of five Southern teams compete for a USTA League National Championship. They will be playing Oct. 2-4 in Las Vegas, Nev.

By Captain Patti Smith

The majority of our team has been spending time raising money for National Championship which left us with limited time to prepare for matches. Our journey to National Championship compared to other teams is unique, due to the 32 matches we had to play in order to qualify. As for the local league alone they had 22 teams at the 4.0 level and we played each team once.  So basically, our season has run from the second week of January to now.  That is a lot of tennis!
We are looking forward to some relaxation, good fun, and good food while in Vegas.  This trip to Vegas will actually be a first for many of our teammates, so the experience should be one for the memory books.

Fun Facts
• Our teammates range in age from 19-56.
• We do not have a team practice or coach.
• We do all our own lineups and are still friends.
• We had to play 32 matches to get to National Championships