K12: An Exceptional Portable Education

April 15, 2009 11:02 AM

An exceptional portable education—the perfect match for young athletes on the go. Competitive young athletes, no matter what their sport, can benefit from the balanced, completely portable education K12 offers.

Marlowe Anderson
When Marlowe Anderson was 6 years old, he and his mother went to their local park, where Marlowe casually played tennis with a few other children. He caught the eye of a tennis coach—who saw in Marlowe a raw, natural talent for playing tennis—and within two years was competing in his first USTA regional junior tennis tournament.

But tennis wasn't Marlowe's only gift. "Marlowe has always been academically gifted," his mother explains. "But even when he was in a gifted program at school, he still couldn't understand the way the kids interacted with one another. Finding K12 was a lifesaver. I don't have to teach Marlowe or make sure he's being challenged academically."

Now, Marlowe has no distractions and enjoys his lessons to the fullest. And the flexibility in his schedule also allows him to, as his mother explains, "have more time to devote to his interests: playing tennis, drawing, reading, and playing keyboard. Actually, if it weren't for tennis, I'd probably never get him outside."

Zach and Sam Kennedy
Handling their first tennis rackets as toddlers. Playing competitive junior tennis at age 5. Helping their dad teach tennis to inner-city kids. Competing in doubles and singles junior tennis tournaments. Zach and Sam Kennedy, ages 12 and 11 respectively, are not your typical pre-teen boys.

And they don't attend your typical school. Zach and Sam are enrolled in the Georgia Virtual Academy, a public K12 partner school. Discovering K12 "was a godsend," says their dad. "With the K12 curriculum you've got a combination of cutting-edge technology and traditional materials. The books, assessments, and online tools help Sam and Zach stay really interested in what they're learning while also being able to travel and compete in the sport they love."

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