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Korb Performs In Full Radius Dance Company

December 4, 2008 10:20 AM

Karin Korb, ranked No. 3 nationally in women’s wheelchair tennis, is branching out into the arts as she makes her dance debut Friday, Dec. 5.

Korb has joined the Full Radius Dance, a company of wheelchair-bound and able-bodied dancers in Atlanta, Ga.

The troupe will perform in “A Holiday Spectacular”Fri Dec 5th, 10 am (full); Fri Dec 5th, 8 pm; Sat Dec 6th, 2 pm and Sat Dec 6th, 8 pm at the 7 Stages Theatre, 1105 Eculid Ave. NE, Atlanta, Ga. Their first of seven performances of “Handel’s Messiah: A Soulful Celebration” begins on Sunday, Dec. 7.

“A Holiday Spectacular” consists of nine pieces, three of which Korb will dance. Visit the company's web site for tickets and information.

Ranked No. 31 in the world and a two-time Paralympian, Korb received the 2004 USTA Southern Wheelchair Player of the Year and the 2006 USTA Georgia Wheelchair Tennis Player of the Year awards. She is a member of the USTA Wheelchair Tennis Committee and on the Georgia Tennis Foundation, USTA Atlanta and the Disability Sports Foundation Board of Directors.

“Dance is the hardest thing I’ve done, harder than tennis or sports. Every eye movement, every hand movement is choreographed. For every minute of music there’s three hours of choreography,” Korb explained. “You’ve got to trust the process. When I am falling backwards you’ve got to trust that (your dance partner) is going to catch you.”

The Full Radius Dance web site says, “Full Radius Dance is a modern dance company that presents mature, choreographically complex works celebrating technique and physicality. Our focus is on skill and artistry; that some of the dancers use wheelchairs is secondary. The wheelchair may lend additional movement possibilities to the choreography, but is not the focal point of the work. Founded in 1990, Full Radius Dance, originally known as Dance Force, Inc. is one of only a handful of physically-integrated dance companies in the United States.”




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