Collegiate Wheelchair Tennis

November 18, 2008 04:06 PM

Since 1999 collegiate wheelchair tennis has given students with physical disabilities the opportunity to compete in an intercollegiate sport as a representative of their institution.

Would you like to represent your school in playing varsity collegiate wheelchair tennis?

You can …..

By simply being a part time or full time student in any college or university you are eligible to play tennis either as an individual or as a team member. The USTA in partnership with the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, is extending an invitation to all college students who would like to represent their schools in competition against other schools across the country. Whether you currently compete on the USTA tour or play at a local level, we encourage all wheelchair athletes to consider playing in the collegiate system as there are several levels of play to meet everyone’s skill level.

Spring 2009 Schedule

Regional Championships
February 2009 (day TBA), Arizona State University, Tucson, AZ
March 2009 (day TBA), Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, MI

Join now and advance the growth of wheelchair tennis across the country. Enjoy the camaraderie and competition of Collegiate tennis.