Dunlop Introduces Lightweight but Strong Aerogel Racquets

August 5, 2008 10:24 AM

The new racquets are designed to meet a wide range of player needs, and will offer dealers and consumers outstanding performance benefits at a great value. Each of the three new racquets will be made available in a “Zero” grip size, to better meet the needs of new players and juniors.

A block of Aerogel the size of a human body weighs less than a pound but can support the weight of a mid size car. Nearly transparent, like a hologram, nicknamed “Frozen Smoke.” Aerogel is located throughout the racquet frame creating a consistent performance platform. Aerogel’s stiffening properties at the top of the frame minimizes frame torsion creating a more powerful racquet. Aerogel at the bottom of the racquet head stabilizes the frame allowing superior player control on ball contact.