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Twenty-one USTA Southern Teams Advance to Nationals

July 23, 2008 03:17 PM

Two players show camaraderie at Sectionals.

Twenty-one teams earned the right to battle for a national championship when they won the finals of the USTA League Tennis Southern Sectional Championships presented by Chrysler.

Advancing are Men’s 2.5, Atlanta, GA, Captain: Patrick McHugh; Men’s 3.0, Baton Rouge, LA, Captain: Mario Guadamud; Men’s 3.5, Atlanta, GA; Captain: Rick Huff; Men's 4.0, Greensboro, NC, Captain: Scott Dean; Men's 4.5, Baton Rouge, LA, Captain: Ryan Dornier; Men's 5.0, Memphis, TN, Captain: Michael-John Garnett; Men's 5.5, Aiken, SC; Sr. Men's 3.0, Atlanta, GA, Captain: Don Niemas; Sr. Men's 3.5, Atlanta, GA, Captain: James Meidl; Sr. Men’s 4.0, Greenwood, SC, Captain: Guy Harrison; Sr. Men’s 4.5, Shreveport, LA, Captain: Richard Verzaal; Women’s 2.5, Little Rock, AR, Captain: Beckie Kennedy; Women’s 3.0, Louisville, KY, Captain: Cherie R. Beauvois; Women’s 3.5, Shreveport, LA, Captain: Heather Howard; Women's 4.0, New Orleans, LA, Captain: Celeste Bordelon; Women's 4.5, Jackson, MS, Captain: Virginia Walcott; Women's 5.0, Raleigh, NC, Captain: Cathy Lovett; Sr. Women's 3.0, Knoxville, TN, Captain: Dawn Turner; Sr. Women's 3.5, Nashville, TN, Captain: Pat Yung-Okamoto; Sr. Women’s 4.0, Lexington, KY, Captain: Dell Kelly and Sr. Women’s 4.5, Charlotte, NC, Captain: Debbie Carmazzi.

More than 2,000 players competed in both halves of the tournament in Mobile, Ala. from July 19-27. The competition continues to be the world's largest tennis tournament.




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