Sea Island Getaway Provides ‘Once in a Lifetime Experience’

June 1, 2007 09:35 AM

On January 25, 2007 Roger Zifer packed his bags and headed down to Baton Rouge, LA to play the Southern Combo Doubles Sectional Championship. Little did he know, between the hundreds of competitors and fierce competition, he would be walking away with a trip of a lifetime. Zifer was the lucky Sea Island raffle winner chosen among hundreds of BMW test driver participants.

Sea Island Resort is ranked among one of the most prestigious resorts in the country. The resort has been honored by several well-known magazines including the most recent issue of Travel&Leisure as “The Best Hotel in the World.” The five-star hotel has a 36 hole golf course, spa and fitness centers, and seven different dining rooms.

On May 21st, Roger Zifer and his wife Bonnie, residents of Shirley, Arkansas, had the wonderful experience of spending two days at the Sea Island Resort on the Georgia Coast. Graced with pleasant weather, the two were able to take full advantage of the resort’s numerous amenities. During their time on the island, they enjoyed exquisite foods, walks on the beach, and being pampered by the 24-hour butler service. In addition to relaxation, they enjoyed the resort’s new clay-court tennis facility, which included a lesson from a Sea Island professional.

When asked what he enjoyed most about the resort, he had trouble narrowing it down to one thing. However, he did particularly like the fact that their suite was the same one that Vladimir Putin, Russia’s current president, stayed in a short while ago. Their oceanfront suite, combined with the attentive staff in the tennis, hospitality, and recreation departments, all contributed to their “once in a lifetime experience.”

Zifer’s initial reaction was “at first I didn’t believe it. I thought it was a joke that I had actually won ‘the big prize’. This is the first time I have ever won a trip of such substantial value.” Zifer has been a member of the USTA for 8 years and currently plays at the 3.5 level.