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USTA Recognition to Outstanding Tennis Facilities

May 29, 2007 03:32 PM

The United States Tennis Association announces the 26th annual Facility Awards. Using the criteria listed below, recognition will be given to outstanding public tennis facilities under the jurisdiction of (1) a parks and recreation department, (2) an educational institution, (3) a non-profit corporation or (4) a private and commercially owned and operated facilities with USTA and other growth programs open to the public.

Having been an organization that has utilized the resources provided by the USTA, we wanted to be sure you receive a personal opportunity and encourage you to apply.

The selection process is based on a completed application with layout of entire facility to scale and color photos of tennis courts, control center, permanent seating, landscaping, parking, and if existent, lighting and any other special features of facility are sent to the Technical Committee. The Facility Awards Committee, a subcommittee of the Technical Committee, meets to select the recipients. The number of recipients selected depends on the quality of the applicants.

The list below contains the criteria that will assist you in deciding where you feel this should be delivered throughout your respective areas. The USTA intends the recognition of such facilities to encourage increasingly higher standards for the construction and/or renovation of public tennis facilities throughout the country.
(1) Overall layout and adaptation to site;
(2) Excellence of court surface and lights;
(3) Ease of maintenance;
(4) Accommodations: players, spectators, press/officials;
(5) Aesthetics: graphics, use of signs, landscaping, etc.;
(6) Amenities: casual seating for spectators, food services, and social area; and
(7) Programs supporting the USTA and growth of the game. Since it is impossible to visit each facility, the sub-committee needs to have a layout and photographs to give proper consideration to each facility.

May: Applications distributed.
July 6, 2007: Applications due
July 2007: Subcommittee meets
July 31, 2007: Recipient(s) announced
September: Awards presented at the Semi-Annual Meeting in New York City

To download application: 2007 Facility Award Application




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