Secret Weapon of Professional Athletes! #1 Ionic/Magnetic Sports Therapy Product in Golf!

May 29, 2007 03:18 PM

Worn by top athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, INDY Car, NASCAR, and the professional golf tours, Trion:Z ionic/magnetic bracelets combine medical-grade magnets and minus-ion producing minerals to increase blood flow, circulation, and to counteract the effects of excessive positive-ion buildup from physical activity, exposure to UV rays, and prolonged exposure to electronic equipment. Elevated positive ion levels are associated with lack of focus and concentration, excess feeling of fatigue, and heightened sensitivity to pain.

Choose necklace or dual-band bracelet style in fashionable color combinations from

Bracelet Size: Small (6.3"), Medium (7.1"), Large (7.9")

Necklace Size: Small (16.5"), Medium (19"), Large (22.5")