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Georgia Excels at the 21st Annual Southern Senior Cup Team Championships

May 29, 2007 02:09 PM

Click here for Individual Results or Team Results from the 2007 Senior Cup!!!

Click here for Winner's Photos!

Georgia Excels at the 21st Annual Southern Senior Cup Team Championships

Referred to as the “crown jewel” of Southern age division tennis, the 2007 Southern Senior Cup Team Championships, in Columbus, GA, June 1-3, once again provided world class tennis and lots of fun and camaraderie both on and off the courts.

The event, in its 14th year in Columbus, featured the top 260 players in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee in Men’s and Women’s 25, 35, 45, 55, 65 and 75 age divisions.

Georgia took the top honors by capturing the Mildred Southern Cup, Gil Stacy Cup and Men’s Overall Championships. Georgia and South Carolina tied for the Women’s Overall Championships.

Team Georgia

Congratulations to the Age Division Winners: Georgia won the Men’s 45s, 55s and Women’s 35s and 75s; South Carolina won the Men’s 35s and Women’s 55s, 65s; Tennessee won the Men’s 65s and Women’s 45s; Alabama won the Men’s 75s.

Roberta Case was honored as this year’s recipient of the Senior Cup Diamond Award. As SC’s captain for both men’s and women’s teams from 1987-1993, she led the state’s early dominance in the event by capturing the Overall Championship (Gil Stacy Cup) four of six years. In 1993, the captains’ duties were divided between a men’s captain and a women’s captain and Roberta has been the women’s captain for 18 years and, during that time, the SC women have won first place 12 times. She has also played for the team numerous times.

Diamond Award Recipient - Roberta Case

CORTA, the local community tennis association, has been recognized several times at the state, section and national levels for its top notch class organization and tennis volunteers. Ken Smith was the Host Committee Chairman and led the local team which included Nita Perry, Barbara Farish, Russ Hagberg, Gene Oswalt, Brenda Oswalt, Paul Grimes, Frank Eslinger, Jane Grimes, Ian Pittman, Theresa Davis, Gerald Madler, Jan Austin, Carol Dye, Ailene Mooney, Carol Heywood, Lenny Heywood, Georgia Wise, Annette Vickery, Nancy Prescott, Renato Herrera, Lori Duggan, Kristie Bradley, Rachel Macleod, and Jerry Mullinax.

Tournament Referee Carol Fowles of Columbia, SC, has been with the event for 19 of the 21 years and unfortunately needed her rescheduling skills as the rain came on Saturday afternoon. However, a beautiful rainbow appeared at the start of the BBQ and the last ball hit was at 10:30 pm and we were back on schedule on Sunday morning with sunny skies and lower than normal temperatures. Marilyn Sherman, Dene Owen and Becky McPhee kept things running smoothly during the event.

The Welcome Party on Thursday, Player Party at the Cunningham Center at Columbus State University and BBQ at the Cooper Creek Tennis Center were great gatherings for catching up with longtime friends and rivals.

Congratulations to all of their players for their selection to represent their state at this prestigious event. Many say this is their favorite tennis weekend of the year and look forward to the tough tennis but also the ample time to catch up (and to retell some of their favorite tennis stories!)




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