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Southerners L.O.V.E. their T.E.N.N.I.S.!

April 4, 2007 11:26 AM

The League Committee is chaired by Bud Spencer, from Charleston, SC. “Our southern league tennis history is filled with innovation, led by a team of volunteers and staff at the local, state, section and national levels. While we have seen the USTA membership grow from 28,000 in 1980 to 170,000 in 2006, we believe there is still a significant opportunity for growth in league tennis. Over 100 local league areas now offer multiple leagues that have resulted in over 225,000 registrations in 2006! Volunteer recruitment and training, captain and player retention, new player and program initiatives are key priorities in long range plan of the League Committee.”

The Adult Competition Committee, is led by Vicki Everette, from Winston-Salem, NC . “The Adult Competition Committee continues to explore ways to bring more players to Age Division Tournaments and also supports the Crown Jewel of Southern Tennis, the Southern Senior Cup Team Championships where the nine states send their top four players in Men’s and Women’s 35,45,55,65 and 75 age divisions. The USTA Southern Section also sends teams in these age divisions to compete against the other sixteen sections in a national competition. The committee also is responsible for sanctioning and improving the 12 Adult/Senior Southern Championships and selecting over 40 additional tournaments to be included in the Southern Rankings. Players earn points for each round played in a specific age division and count their best 3 results toward their final ranking.”

In 2007, there will be several promotions to educate 4.0 and above league players about the individual achievements offered by competing in these events and earning a state, sectional or national ranking.

The Adult/Senior Recreation Programs Committee, is chaired by John Liles, from Shreveport, LA. “We are focusing our efforts on three major areas in 2007: Cardio Tennis, Corporate Tennis and Adult Team Tennis. This committee has targeted $9,000 in grants distributed through our nine state associations to assist in program development. (see articles in this e-newsletter for more information). Tennis is ready for its second boom and we need to be ready for new players in a more diverse world.”




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