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SUPER MEN and SUPER WOMEN Conquer Columbus!

April 2, 2007 03:43 PM

Over 100 teams competed for fifteen titles at the 2006 USTA League Southern Super Seniors Sectional Championships this past weekend in Columbus, GA. Representing over 6,000 players in the 60s and 70s age divisions in the nine southern states AL, AR GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC and TN, these players proved that tennis is indeed the sport for a lifetime!

The players competed at 3 world class facilities: Cooper Creek Tennis Center, Green Island Country Club and Columbus Country Club. Off the courts, they enjoyed the player party at the Lumpkin Center on the Columbus State University campus.

KUDOS to Bob Offer, Local Host Committee Chairman, who organized a team of exceptional volunteers led by Barbara Farish and Gerald Madler. Chris Schuster is the President of the Columbia Regional Tennis Association (CORTA) and Judy Pearce serves as the Executive Director. Nancy Prescott was the party chairman. Thanks to all of the volunteers and local tennis professionals for their efforts in making this such an enjoyable and well run event.

Dodie Hanchett, Southern’s Sectional Championships Chairman led the Southern team which included Pat Staley, Mary Anna Scott, Helen Martin, Marilyn Sherman, Dene Owen, Becky McPhee, and Lindsey Sartain.

Congratulations to the Champions and Finalists

Women’s 3.0 60s
Champion: Baton Rouge, LA (Judy Weimer, Captain)
Finalist: Wilmington, NC (Karen Holbrook, Captain)

Women’s 3.5 60s
Champion: Hilton Head Island, SC (Janet Palmer, Captain)
Finalist: New Orleans, LA (Barbara Johnson, Captain)

Women’s 4.0 60s
Champion: TBD
Finalist: TBD

Women’s 4.5 60s
Champion: Durham, NC (Katherine Shelburne, Captain)
Finalist: Tuscaloosa, AL (Betty Chambers, Captain)

Women’s 3.0 70s
Champion: Hot Springs Village, AR (Carolyn Lefler, Captain)
Finalist: Atlanta, GA (Anne Woodman, Captain)

Women’s 3.5 70s
Champion: New Orleans, LA (Carolyn Kramer, Captain)
Finalist: Raleigh, NC (Julie Wilsnack, Captain)

Men’s 3.0 60s
Champion: Hilton Head Island, SC (C.J. Wilcox, Captain)
Finalist: Atlanta, GA (William Butler, Captain)

Men’s 3.5 60s
Champion: Hilton Head Island, SC (Scott Bernsten, Captain)
Finalist: Pinehurst, NC (Harry Fekkes, Captain)

Men’s 4.0 60s
Champions: Charlotte, NC (Klaus Sabert, Captain)
Finalist: Hilton Head Island, SC (Allan Zak)

Men’s 4.5 60s
Champion: Spartanburg/Greenville, SC (Tom Foster, Captain)
Finalist: Louisville, KY (Rich McGrath, Captain)

Men’s 3.0 70s
Champion: Greenville, SC (Walter Jacobs, Captain)
Finalist: Savannah, GA (Gary Sunshine, Captain)

Men’s 3.5 70s
Champion: Charleston, SC (Warren Kimball, Captain)
Finalist: Columbus, GA (Gene Oswalt, Captain)

Men’s 4.0 70s
Champion: Pinehurst, NC (Bill Doerr, Captain)
Finalist: Myrtle Beach, SC (Dick Wardman, Captain)




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