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USTA Southern BMW Combo Goes Cajun

February 1, 2007 03:50 PM

The 2006 BMW Combo Doubles Southern Sectional Championships held in Baton Rouge, LA included 191 State Champion teams in Adults 5.0-9.5 levels, Seniors 5.5-8.5 levels and Super Senior 6.5 and 7.5 levels. Over 1,800 players enjoyed the superb tennis facilities at the Lamar Tennis Center YMCA, Bocage, Sherwood Forest, Highland Park, Independence Park, LSU Rec Center, Greenwood Park, and Forest Park.

Off the courts, the players enjoyed a Louisiana style party at the Old State Capitol Building with Cajun cooking, music and dancing. BMW offered test drives and great prizes and players had a chance to guess the number of tennis balls donated by Penn for league championships nationwide in the last 26 years: an incredible 6, 375,000 balls which has required 67,500 yards of yellow felt and 225 tons of rubber! Sea Island Resort (the number one destination in the world according to Travel Magazine) donated a weekend getaway to a lucky player!

Congratulations to the Champions and Finalists!

Women 5.0 Champions-TNWomen 5.5 Champions-NC
Women 6.5 Champions-LAWomen 7.5 Champions-GA
Women 8.5 Champions-MSWomen 9.5 Champions-SC
Sr. Women 5.5 Champions-SCSr. Women 6.5 Champions-SC
Sr. Women 7.5 Champions-LASr. Women 8.5 Champions-LA

Not Pictured
Super Sr. Women 6.5 Champions-SCSuper Sr. Women 7.5 Champions-MS
Men 5.5 Champions-MSMen 6.5 Champions-NC
Not Pictured
Men 7.5 Champions-LAMen 8.5 Champions-NC
Men 9.5 Champions-LASr. Men 6.5 Champions-LA
Sr. Men 7.5 Champions-LASr. Men 8.5 Champions-NC

Not Pictured

Super Sr. Men 6.5 Champions-TNSuper Sr. Men 7.5 Champions-AL
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