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Four Southern Women to Represent U.S. in South Africa

March 30, 2006 11:46 AM

Brenda Carter, of Charleston, SC, Mariana Hollman, of Winston-Salem, NC, Renata Marcinkowska, of Rock Hill, SC and Fran Chandler, of Jackson, TN have been selected by the USTA to compete for America in the 2006 ITF/ASG Seniors World Team Championships being played in Durbin, South Africa, April 17-22.

Mariana Hollman and Renata Marcinkowska have been selected by the USTA to compete on the American team in Young Cup competition while Brenda Carter has been chosen to compete in the The Maureen Connolly Cup. Fran Chandler has been asked to captain the team competing in the The Margaret Court Cup.

The Young Cup is an international competition for women 40 and older, the Court Cup features women 45 and older and the Connolly Cup is a competition for women 55 and older.

This will be Brenda Carter’s fifth consecutive cup competition. The United States finished a very close second to Australia in Perth, Australia last year. This year’s cup team is looking forward to capturing the cup title for the United States. Carter is the no. 1 ranked singles, doubles and team doubles player in the women’s 55 age division in the United States for 2005.

With her vast international experience Fran Chandler was an obvious choice to captain The Margaret Court Cup team. She represented the United States twice before on the 2003 Young Cup, which won the competition in Germany, and the 2004 Young Cup, which placed third in Turkey. Chandler brings a wealth of experience to the team having won numerous USTA National Championships. In 2005 Chandler finished the year no. 1 in the nation in Women's 40 singles and no. 4 in Women's 40 doubles.

Mariana Hollman has played on four Young Cup teams, including the winning teams in 2003 and 2005. She has won a number of USTA National Doubles titles, including the 2005 Indoor Championship.

Renata Marcinkowska was the no. 1 ranked world 35s singles player in 2003 and 2004, and the USTA National singles and doubles claycourt champion in 2005. She was also a member of last year's winning Young Cup team.

The 2005 ITF/ASG Seniors World Team Championships was played in Perth, Australia

There are 5 women's teams representing the USA which will be played in Durban, South Africa in 2006. These teams will consist of 4 players, one of whom has been selected as the playing captain. Team rosters are broken down below. Bold and Italicized names are USTA Southern Section players.

The Lenglen Cup (Women 35 and over)
Julie Cass, Austin, TX
Jessica Schlotterback, Tempe, AZ
Michelle King, Austin, TX
Robin Keener, Melbourne, FL (Captain)

The Young Cup (Women 40 and over)
Gretchen Magers, San Diego, CA (Captain)
Renata Marcinkowska, Rock Hill, SC
Marianna Hollman, Winston-Salem, SC

Hyacinth Yorke, Philadelphia, PA

The Margaret Court Cup (Women 45 and over)
Susan Wright, Grand Junction, CO
Tracy Houk, San Francisco, CA
Fran Chandler, Jackson, TN (Captain)
Kathy Vick, Lubbock, TX

The Maria Bueno Cup (Women 50 and over)
Tina Karwasky, Glendale, CA
Carolyn Nichols, Lodi, CA
Mary Ginnard, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Sherri Bronson, Scottsdale, AZ (Captain)

The Maureen Connolly Cup (Women 55 and over)
Anne Guerrant, Gilbert, AZ (Captain)
Kathy Barnes, San Jose, CA
Brenda Carter, Charleston, SC
Ching Ling Chang, Phoenix, AZ

Brenda Carter
Mariana Hollman
Renata Marcinkowska
Fran Chandler
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