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More People Respond to Bellamy Being Named as Person of the Year

February 17, 2006 11:52 AM
Steve Bellamy
People involved in tennis in different ways have responded to the naming of Steve Bellamy as the Daily Tennis 2005 Person of the Year. Here are some more of the responses received.

"Steve continues to push the envelope in his passion for bringing tennis to the masses. A phone call to Steve asking for help results in mountains being moved for the good of the game, as I saw personally this year when InsideOut produced Serving for Tsunami Relief, a tennis exhibition benefiting the Bush-Clinton Tsunami relief fund. Steve agreed in 5 seconds to televise the fundraiser and selflessly arranged for E! Network to do the same even before the Tennis Channel aired the programming because he knew E! had a broader audience (for now) and more eyeballs would see tennis and its charitable effort for relief as a result of if it airing worldwide on E! first. He has no relationship with the status quo-an unusual and terrific quality. Steve is truly a pioneer in the tennis industry."

-- Jim Courier


"Without Steve Bellamy there is no tennis channel. Without The Tennis Channel the media outlook for tennis is marginal, at best. With The Tennis Channel and Bellamy the future of tennis is bright."

"There is simply no better ambassador for the game than Steve. His enthusiasm for tennis is contagious and makes even those hardened media executives who are golfers appreciate the beauty of tennis as a spectator sport and its value as a media property."

-- Fred Dressler
EVP of Programming, Time Warner Cable


"In a sport that sometimes has a bad habit of thinking small, Steve is a real visionary whose infectious enthusiasm and outside-the-box strategizing is helping bring tennis to a broader audience. We're all fortunate he swapped one stringed instrument (his guitar) for another (his racket) and is helping lead tennis into the 21st century."

-- Jon Wertheim
Sports Illustrated


"I've known Steve for almost ten years, and his enthusiasm for the sport has only grown with time. He is truly one of a kind, and tennis is privileged to have him in its court."

-- Hillary Swank


"In my opinion Steve Bellamy is going to be more renowned for “Live Ball” than he will for The Tennis Channel. It is the most modern, intelligent, forward-thinking thing that you can do on a tennis court. I have been in the sport for 40 years and watched every ebb and flow, I see the sport evolving to his “Live Ball” on-court programming."

"We got to watch this little public park transform into one of the most vibrant tennis facilities in America and an incredibly successful business."

"Almost overnight kids who were skateboarding all over our town were now at the tennis center morning, noon and night. In 6 months those same kids were looking at tournament rankings. It was a phenomenal thing to watch."

-- Jimmy Dunne
Grammy Award Winner




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