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BMW Combo Doubles Tip

February 7, 2006 10:43 AM

Lob Over The Net Person
by USPTA Master Professional, Fred Burdick
Dalton, GA

In order to win we must break our opponents serve. At the recreational level the second serve provides a real opportunity for the duce returner especially if the server is right handed. Practice lobbing over the net person but it really doesn't have to make it over him or her. If you can just get them off balance you'll usually have an opportunity to win the point outright because of a weak overhead attempt. If he/she gets it back you can aim for any open part of the court and hit the winner as they will still be off balance. If the best of all worlds take place and it makes it over her and her partner has to run it down, you'll have a chance at an overhead provided you did your job and ran up to your service line and anticipated their lob. If her/his partner is right handed they will be lobbing off her/his generally weaker side the backhand and if she/he has a two handed backhand his/her reach will be limited. Warn your partner before you lob, get it over the net person and hit an overhead winner in the direction of the person closest to you and you take home the trophy.

BMW Full Maintenance. A whole different kind of fulfillment.

Maintenance is one of many hidden costs to consider when you’re looking at a car’s sticker price. For most cars, that is. Fortunately, BMW offers one of the most comprehensive maintenance programs in its class. Not that service is needed often, only every 15,000 miles or so. Just about anything your BMW might need replaced or serviced—brake pads, wiper blades, oil change, checkup—is fully covered for 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.* Which will save you money and simplify your operating instructions considerably: Fill with gas. Point to horizon. Go.

Visit your local BMW Center or www.bmwusa.com for more information.




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