Tracking Southern Teams at the USA League Tennis National Championships

November 29, 2005 05:29 AM

The USA League Tennis program is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Today there are around 100,000 participants in the Adult, Senior, and Mixed divisions in the USTA Southern Section. Teams compete locally to earn a spot in the state championships. 16,000 athletes participated in the State Championships this year and 2,000 of these incredible athletes moved on to the sectionals to compete in order to earn a coveted spot in the National Championships.

The 2005 National Championships are taking place between September 23rd and October 30th in Palm Springs, CA and Tucson, AZ. Teams from all 17 of the USTA's sections will be battling for top honors. At the 2004 National Championships, the USTA Southern Section led all USTA sections with the most number of top 4 finishes with 13.

Check below for the rosters of this year's top 4 finishing teams.

DateDivisionLocationSouthern Men FinishesSouthern Women Finishes
9/23 -9/255.0 AdultPalm Springs, CAAtlanta, GA -
2nd Place
Memphis, TN -
3rd Place
9/23 - 9/253.0 AdultTucson, AZLexington, SC -
4th Place
No Top 4 Finishers
9/30 - 10/22.5 AdultPalm Springs, CANo Top 4 Finishers

Cary, NC
1st Place

9/30- 10/23.5 AdultTucson, AZNo Top 4 FinishersNo Top 4 Finishers
10/7 - 10/94.0 SeniorPalm Springs, CANo Top 4 FinishersNo Top 4 Finishers
10/7 - 10/94.5 AdultTucson, AZNo Top 4 FinishersNo Top 4 Finishers
10/17 - 10/196.0 Super SeniorPalm Springs, CANo Top 4 FinishersLexington, SC -
2nd Place
10/17 - 10/197.0 Super SeniorPalm Springs, CANo Top 4 FinishersNo Top 4 Finishers
10/21 - 10/234.5 SeniorPalm Springs, CANo Top 4 FinishersNo Top 4 Finishers
10/21 - 10/233.5 SeniorTuscon, AZ

Charlotte, NC -
4th Place

No Top 4 Finishers
10/24 - 10/268.0 Super SeniorPalm Springs, CACharlotte, NC -
4th Place
Hilton Head, SC -
4th Place
10/24 - 10/269.0 Super SeniorPalm Springs, CALouisville, KY -
3rd Place
No Top 4 Finishers
10/28 - 10/304.0 AdultTuscon, AZBaton Rouge, LA-
1st Place
No Top 4 Finishers
10/28 - 10/303.0 SeniorPalm Springs, CARogers, AR-
3rd Place
Goldsboro, NC -
1st Place
11/18 - 11/20Open InvitationalLas Vegas, NVCharleston, SC -
2nd Place
Raleigh, NC -
2nd Place
11/18 - 11/205.5 AdultLas Vegas, NVCharleston, SC -
1st Place
No Top 4 Finishers
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5.0 Men's Adult team from Atlanta, GA
Captain Bob Hennessey, Robert Stratton, Greg Anderson, Trey Gaskins, Jamie Dockter, Sven Thiemo Plass, Ryan Hudson, Damon Costner, Mark Woerner, Allan Jensen, Jay Torrence, Robert Cizek, John WInter, and Markus Karlsson.
5.0 Women's Adult team from Memphis, TN
Captain Stephanie Giles, Phyllis Taylor, Michael Ballard, Kerry Johnson, Robin Poston, Taylor H. Taylor, Brooke Ward, Jennifer Abston, and Natalie Clark.
3.0 Men's Adult team from Lexington, SC
Captain Larry Guster, Bruce Lester, Jeff Salters, Landis Sandel, Jeffrey Platenberg, Gregg Burrer, Brian Mervak, Robert SIlva, William Rice, Gary Raymond, Troy Martin, Frank Douglass, and Joshua Crane.
2.5 Women's Adult team from Cary, NC
Captains Tamra L. Aguilar and Ina Parker, Mary Kim, Kristin Graham, Terry Rossabi, Rebecca Dekker, Elisabeth M. Eide, Diane L. Hoff, Nicolette Dunn, and Angie M. Murrane.
6.0 Women's Super Senior team from Lexington, SC
Captain Lue Jean Harvey, Betty Simmons, Doris Mae Panzica, Carolyn Rounsaville, Betsy P. Smith, Judy A. Phillips, Ann Johnson, Peggy A. Polk, and Bobbi A. Power.

3.5 Men's Senior team from Charlotte, NC
Captain Kenji J. Krzywosz, Bill Campbell, Stephen B. Sealy, Scott Jones, Peter M. Kornicki, Cary Campbell, Charles W. Hearn, Henry A. Trufan, Wendel B. Laney, and Jim La Combe.

8.0 Men's Super Senior from Charlotte, NC
Captain Klaus Sabert, Dan T. Elks, Jimmy G. Smith, Tom L. Holst, Ernest Felder, Jack McGinn, William Poore, and Richard P. Shipman.
8.0 Women's Super Senior team from Hilton Head, SC
Captain Anne C. Clemmitt, Christine P. Iulo, Dorothy J. Bass, Betty J. Neuman, Mare Cale, Joyce Overton, Doreen M. Kelley, Nanci K. Fitzpatrick, Millicent L. Charette, Julianne E. Forbes, Alice C. Hume, and Barbra A. Tapio.

9.0 Men's Super Senior team from Louisville, KY
Captain Richard G. McGrath, Peter Rutledge, Woody McGraw, Roger L. Huston, Robert D. Smith, Charles J. Kane, Rod McNerney, Tony Cessna, Charles E. Muntan, Ed T. Farmer, and Deneys R. Vanderwesthuyze.

4.0 Men's Adult team from Baton Rouge, LA
Captain Glenn Johnson, Bubby Fischer, Keith Andry, Clay Berthelot, Buddy P. Bond, Ben Fontenot, Guy M. Forrest, Ricky Gautreau, James Geisler, Randy Harris, Russell J. Henderson, Rudy A. Hirschheim, Eddie Lejeune, Tony R. Price, James J. Spivey, Derek J. Stafford, Drew Troyer, Terrell D. Spatz, Brent Bueche, Jason Rawls, Scott D. Maye, Kevin M. Klumpp, Johnny Lopoo, John S. Miller, Randy Stuart, David Hopkins, C. Russell Williams, David M. Deichmann, and Daniel K. Lavie.
3.0 Men's Senior team from Rogers, AR
Captain James J. Russell, Tom Seay, Pat Harris, Allen Kilgore, Robert Bedard, James L. Webster, Gary D. Johnson, Sey S. Young, Thomas J. Sharpe, John Ryan, and Douglas Lee Marciniak.
3.0 Women's Senior team from Goldsboro, NC
Captain Sharon W. Crawford, Gloria Keesee, Jane Walston, Betsy Harrold, Claudia Kirk, Holly Steed, Linda Greenwood, Elizabeth C. Kannan, Sharon B. La Fevers, Alice Hunter, and Sally Worrell.
Men's Open team from Charleston, SC
Captain Christopher Henderson, William Bull, Tobin Simpson, Ben Cook, Carlos Lozano, Charly P. Rasheed, and Erick M. Martinez.
Women's Open team from Raleigh, NC
Captain Karen Rembert, Elizabeth A. Simon, Marissa L. Gildemeister, Katrina D. Gildemeister, Martina Somoano, Nancy Priest, Emily Wade, Frances E. Barragan, Teodora Doncheva, and Ralitza Bakita.
5.5 Men's Adult team from Charleston, SC
Captain Joseph A. Eskridge, Susheel Narla, Stuart A. Small, Shirish Deshpande, John Boetsch, Bryan L. Minton, Philip H. Whitesell, Matthew G. Hane, and Timo J. Siebert.

For more information about the USTA League Tennis National Championships click here.