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Get Your FIL Today!

June 20, 2005 05:31 AM

Have you gotten your ‘FIL’ yet? M-Fil, that is. The M-Fil line of tennis racquets is the latest line launched by Dunlop and played by several professionals such as Amelie Mauresmo, Tommy Haas, Tommy Robredo, Mardy Fish, James Blake and many more.

M-Fil is a technology that incorporates a unique patented 3-D braiding process to enhance the touch and feel of the racquet where you need it most – at the moment of ball contact.

The M-Fil 500, 105” head size is ideal for players seeking a fine balance of power and control from a lightweight racquet. The M-Fil technology, at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions, enables a measure of control and flexibility in this power frame that allows for an optimal combination of power and accuracy.

The M-Fil 700, 110” head size is ideal for players seeking a super light racquet that is powerful yet very forgiving on off-center shots. The M-Fil technology, at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions, enables a measure of control and flexibility in a traditionally stiff frame. This combination allows for the maximum degree of power, accuracy and comfort that can be incorporated into a more ‘power-driven’ racquet. Check out Tennis Magazine’s April 2005 issue, racquet review to see just how well the M-Fil 700 scored.

The M-Fil 200 Plus, 97” head size, is the latest addition to the M-Fil family. It is ideal for advanced players seeking exceptional touch and control for the ultimate in shot making. This racquet is slightly more forgiving than the M-Fil 200. Carbon, S-Fibre, and Magnesium are combined into the hitting zone. The goal of this racquet was to offer a player frame with a more open string pattern, 16x19, increasing power and achieving a total weight between the M-Fil 200 and the M-Fil 300. The result is giving a player control and power at optimal weight.

The icing on the cake regarding Dunlop’s M-Fil line is the sweet promotion that is under way. When you buy any M-fil racquet, (200, 200 Plus, 300, 500, 700), you are eligible to receive a 3 racquet thermo bag and a M-Fil hat. Simply fill out a rebate card and mail in along with a receipt (proof of purchase) and check, for $4.95 shipping and handling, and Dunlop will send you a sharp M-Fil 3 racquet thermo bag and hat absolutely free! That is a $60 value! So don’t delay, get your FIL today!

Visit Dunlop online today for more information about their M-Fil line of racquets.




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