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Doubles for Dummies… A Good Gift and Valuable Online Aid for the Novice Player

December 4, 2004 08:59 AM

Good health is the greatest gift you can give to someone you love during the holidays, and indeed, throughout the year. Sports promotes good health, and tennis has long been touted for its lifelong benefits. Do you know someone who is interested in beginning tennis, yet is unsure about how to start? Perhaps that person is you?

If so, visit www.atlrecsvc.com and download your own copy of Doubles for Dummies, the light-hearted tennis beginners guide. Within 30-minutes, a veteran pro teaches novice to advanced beginner players the basic equipment, correct swings, easy scoring, court positioning, doubles strategies and the art of finding a suitable partner. At a cost of $4 this guide costs less than half of one group lesson, contains exponentially more information and provines that Doubles for Dummies is an excellent tennis value. Give the gift of tennis, and you will see many happy returns! Doubles for Dummies is available for purchase online at http://www.atlrecsvc.com/.

Doubles for Dummies Review by teaching professional Shane Anderson
Doubles for Dummies is a map for the beginning tennis traveler. In a time where we have high tech games and entertainment that require little physical movement, we have a call to action and a lifetime game. The first thing I noticed is the title. The title Doubles for Dummies tells you to come as you are, start here, and have fun. We are all becoming information seeking consumers, especially when it comes to our leisure time. Tennis is often a misunderstood sport. The reality is that we can start today with little expense enjoying an activity for the rest of our life. Doubles For Dummies gives the steps to take and information needed to play tennis.

Doubles For Dummies starts with a discussion about the equipment of tennis. Next we learn about tennis stroke fundamentals, followed by scoring basics. The sections on court positioning and shot selection will be a source of focus in every level of tennis. We read about finding tennis courts and other tennis players, both will be necessary and ever changing. The next section about being cool covers the physical part and a code of court behavior. Finally we are given direction to the next step of our tennis journey, if that may be for fun to meet people or meet a challenge in competition.

I have played tennis for 30 years and instructed tennis over 20 years. I continue to read new tennis instructional material for enjoyment and education. This information is easy to read and helpful to the tennis beginner. I recommend Doubles for Dummies to everyone interested in starting to play tennis.

Shane West Anderson, a lifetime U.S.T.A. member and avid tennis player submitted this review. He has enjoyed teaching tennis as an U.S.P.T.A. instructor for many years. Shane has a M.S.A. in Human Resource Administration and currently serves as Parks & Recreation Director in Jackson, Missouri.




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