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USTA Tennis & Education Foundation Offers Player Incentive Awards

October 25, 2004 02:11 PM

The USTA Tennis & Education Foundation (USTA T&EF), is a not-for-profit corporation that is dedicated to improving the quality of life among our nation's youth. The mission of the Foundation is to encourage children to pursue their goals and highest dreams by succeeding in school and becoming responsible citizens. The USTA T&EF targets youngsters from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

The Foundation provides Player Incentive Awards on an annual basis. This award is a one time, nonrenewable grant of $500. The purpose of the Player Incentive Awards is to encourage the development of USTA youth tennis program participants with great potential and a commitment to academic excellence. All applicants must demonstrate financial need.

The applicant must:
· currently be enrolled in grades 6-11;
· show financial need for all tennis related fees;
· demonstrate a strong commitment to academic achievement;
· be a participant in a USTA youth tennis program; and,
· be a middle school player with high school varsity team potential or high school varsity player.

Three forms are required
1) A typed and signed application from the applicant and their parent/guardian;
2) A copy of the applicant's most recent report card;
3) A typed (or printed) endorsement from the applicant's tennis coach or pro.

· Each recipient of an Incentive Award is eligible to receive a total of $500 for one year.
· Each recipient is expected to use the award for expenses such as tournament fees, indoor/winter lessons, summer tennis programs, and/or fees for participation in USTA and other tennis organization programs.
· The player incentive award will be paid directly to the USTA program (or sponsoring organization) which is to disburse funds for the recipient's approved expenses.

Application Process
Your application and supporting documents must be mailed to your USTA Section office and postmarked by February 4, 2005 to be eligible for a 2005 USTA T&EF Player Incentive Award. The reference form must be returned to you in a sealed envelope with the endorser's signature over the seal. Enclose the sealed and signed envelope with your application and report card in one envelope, print "USTA Tennis & Education Foundation Player Incentive Award" on the outside of the envelope, and mail it to your USTA Section office. Read all directions and print clearly or type all forms. All submitted materials become the property of the USTA Tennis & Education Foundation. Failure to follow these directions may prevent your application from being reviewed by the USTA T&EF Scholarship/Player Incentive Award Committee.




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