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USTA Southern Women Fare Well at Intersectionals

December 2, 2003 11:55 AM

The team representing the USTA Southern Section at the Women's Intersectionals held in Naples, Fla. turned in yet another fantastic performance. Though there is no trophy for the overall best team, the Southern Team made a very strong case for the overall top spot. Team Southern took first place in both the 45s and 55s, with the 45s team never losing a match. The 35s and 75s both posted 2nd-place finishes, and the 65s finished 5th. Congratulations to all the participants on a great tournament. The 2003 Women's Intersectional lineups are below:

35s Singles - #1 singles-- Renata Marcinkowski, #2 singles-- Fran Chandler, #3 singles-- Marianna Hollmann, #3 singles--(one day) Sydney Carrick

35s Doubles - #1 doubles--Renata and Marianna, #2 doubles--(one day) Sydney Carrick and Cindy Davis, #2 doubles--(one day) Sue Bartlett and Fran Chandler, #2 doubles--(one day) Sue Bartlett and Cindy Davis

45s Singles - #1 singles--Diane Fishburne, #2 singles---Sue Bartlett, #3 singles--Sheila Ernest

45s Doubles - #1 doubles (one day) Sue Bartlett and Sheila Ernest, #2 doubles (one day) Rita Anderson and Lu Fendig, #1 doubles (2 days) Diane Fishburne and Rita Anderson, #2 doubles (2 days) Lu Fendig and Sheila Ernest

55s Singles - Brenda Carter, Pat Keleman, Jan Dennis

55s Doubles - Brenda Carter-Susan Norsworthy (3 times); Susie Hill-Sharon Greene (3 times)

65s Singles - Judy Levering, Billie Oxrieder, Shirley Taylor, Ann Sweeny

65s Doubles - Judy Levering-Judy Powell (2 times) Judy Levering-Billie Oxrieder (1 time)

75s Singles - Irene Shepard, Martha Norman, Kay Wakley

75s Doubles - Martha Norman-Peggy Golden (1time) Kay Wakley-Peggy Golden (3 times)




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