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Four Tennis Teachers from the USTA Southern Section Named to 2002 USA Tennis All-American Team

January 31, 2003 02:06 PM

Georgia's Alan Kramer and Jon Hart, South Carolina's Joseph Walker and Louisiana's Richard Verzaal were named by the USTA to this year's USA Tennis All-American Team, joining 24 other tennis teachers in the US being recognized for their excellence in implementing local USA Tennis programs in their communities.

These volunteer and paid tennis enthusiasts represent tennis centers, athletic clubs, community parks, schools and tennis associations from coast to coast. Representatives from the USTA’s 17 regional sections nominated members for the USA Tennis All-American Team, designating them as leaders in tennis programming.

"The teachers named to our USA Tennis All-American Team breathe life into local programs for current, returning and potential players are the true champions of tennis,” said Tom Fetzer, Chief Executive, Community Tennis, USTA. “They are dedicated and passionate about getting others into the game so they too can reap the vast physical, mental and social benefits of tennis.”

To be eligible for the national honor, nominees had to successfully implement USA Tennis programs; generate interest in USA Tennis programs through local promotions; creatively and effectively use USTA section and/or national funding; find and secure additional sponsorship resources; increase Community Tennis Association participation and/or development; and increase the number of participants in USA Tennis pathway programs.

The USTA established the USA Tennis National Recognition Program in June 2001 through a partnership with the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) and the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA). The program was initiated to publicly recognize and reward those individuals who have gone above and beyond in using USA Tennis Programs to grow the game of tennis in their local communities.

Founded in 1927, USPTA is the world’s oldest and largest association of tennis-teaching professionals. The association is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2002. With more than 12,500 members worldwide, USPTA strives to raise the standards of the tennis profession while promoting greater awareness of the sport. Celebrating 25 years of setting the standard for tennis teaching excellence, the PTR is the fastest growing and largest global tennis teaching organization with members in 120 countries. Recognized by several national federations, including the USTA, the PTR has the greatest percentage of minority and women members of any such organization.

Below are the 28 tennis teachers (separated by section) that were named to the USA Tennis All-American Team:

Anne Davis
Home Court Advantage

Hawaii Pacific
George Tom
Five Public Park Sites (Kahala,
Kilauea, Kapaolono, Petrie, Kaimuki)

Eileen Pinkerton
Billings Tennis Association/
Billings Parks & Recreation

Jason Kirkland
Memorial Park Tennis Center

Sharla Kirkland
Memorial Park Tennis Center

Don Gobbie
St. Joseph College

Mike Sherer
Wayne County Community Tennis Association

Don Martin
Tri-State Athletic Club

James Garner
Capital City Tennis Club

Ed Yarbrough
Jasper Patrons Tennis Organization

Dan Hopkins
Terre Haute Junior Tennis Association

Missouri Valley
Bruce Belanger
Weatherford Tennis Association

Dan Gallegos
Country Club of Missouri

Rick Faust
Hanscom Indoor Tennis Center

Mary Thompson
Sioux Falls Tennis Association

John Muus
Cook County Tennis Association

Ximena Christianson
Washburn Tennis Association

Pacific Northwest
Jeff Player
Tennis BC

Melinda Mokalla
City of Salem, Dept. of Community Services (P&R)

Alan Kramer
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Jon Hart
Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

Joseph Walker
Clemson University

Richard Verzaal
Querbes Tennis Center

Larry Lineberry
Sedona Racquet & Fitness

Vicky Markowsky
Texas A&M University

Belinda Casteneda
Good Samaritan Center

Bob Haugen
UT Austin

Fred Cavazos
PHD - Public Education from the Home to the Doctor




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