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Slew Hester Adult Achievement Award Winners

January 23, 2003 02:50 PM

Given in memory of past USTA Southern Section President William E. "Slew" Hester, this award is presented annually to a ranked male and female adult or senior player in the USTA Southern Section in recognition of their outstanding tennis performance.

Bill Weathers
Whispering Pines, NC
Bill Weathers accumulated close to 3,000 points in 2002, earning a ranking in four divisions - the Men’s 70 Singles and Doubles and Men’s 75 Singles and Doubles. A former college player, Bill has only been playing competitive senior tennis since his retirement from the business world, some 20 year ago. Despite his prior inactivity on the tennis court, Bill has dominated the game since he first picked up the racquet. He has been ranked #1 in every age division since the age of 55 in both the North Carolina and Southern Section rankings. In 2002 Bill had the rare distinction of being ranked #1 in singles in NC and the Southern Section in both the 70s and 75s. In 2002, he won 25 singles and doubles USTA Southern Section sanctioned tournament titles, including the Southern Senior Clay, the Southern Senior Hard Open and the Raleigh Senior Classic. Bill also competed in the Southern Senior Cup and the Men’s Intersectionals and was a member of the NC State Championship Southern Combo doubles team. He was inducted into the North Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame in 1998 and his family received the North Carolina Family of the Year award in 1982. Bill and Marion, his wife of 48 years, have four children - all proud card carrying USTA members.

Betsy McColl
Columbia, SC
Betsy McColl, a native of Virginia, started playing tennis at the age of nine. Even at such a young age she showed tremendous skill and was a ranked junior player and was a three time Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Doubles Champion for Sweet Brian College. She moved to South Carolina in 1996 and continued her on court success. In 2002 she accumulated 2,020 points in five different divisions - the Women’s 60 Singles and Doubles, the 55 Singles and Mixed Doubles and the 45 Doubles. She finished the year ranked #1 in the STA in 60 Singles and Doubles (with Roberta Case). She played in two national tournaments, finishing 5th at the 60s Grass Court Championships in Forrest Hills. Betsy won the 60 Singles at the Southern Hard Courts in Augusta and at the Southern Clay Courts in Kiawah Island. In the SC State Championships she accomplished a rare "triple win," taking the 55 Singles, 60 Doubles (w/ Roberta Case) and the 55 Mixed Doubles (with Charlie Burns) championships. In 1992 Betsy was inducted into the South Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame. She has been married to husband Jim for 34 years. Their daughter lives in Charlotte, NC.




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