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Southern Section Juniors Presented with USA Tennis Foundation Scholarships

June 5, 2002 05:49 PM
USA Tennis Foundation© Copyright
Four students from the USTA Southern Section were awarded educational scholarships from the USA Tennis Foundation this past week. The students were selected based on academic merit, sportsmanship, and financial need.

Lily Stewart of Beaufort, NC; Jacob Welch of Buena Vista, GA; and Lowery Williams of Hurtsboro, AL were awarded the $6,000 College Educational Scholarship. Joshua Carson of Hattiesburg, MS was awarded the $500 College Textbook Scholarship. Congratulations to these outstanding academic scholars and best of luck in their higher educational endeavors.

USA Tennis Foundation College Educational Scholarship ($6,000)

The USA Tennis Foundation awards college educational scholarships annually to high school seniors who have excelled academically and participated extensively in USA Tennis programs. The scholarship is payable up to four years at $1,500 per year. If a recipient of a college education scholarship is enrolling in a two-year community college program, the recipient must prepare a written request for the scholarship to continue should the student transfer to a four-year college or university.

USA Tennis Foundation College Textbook Scholarships ($500)
The USA Tennis Foundation has established a college textbook scholarship program for high school graduates who have excelled academically and participated extensively in USA Tennis Programs. The scholarship is a one-time, non-renewable grant of $500.

The USA Tennis Foundation is the charitable and philanthropic entity of the USTA. The USA Tennis Foundation is committed to Building Lives Through Tennis and Education reaching out to disadvantaged and at-risk youth as well as to people with disabilities.

Each year, the USA Tennis Foundation awards scholarships to deserving youngsters who have participated in USTA youth tennis programs. The types of scholarships are USA Tennis Foundation College Educational Scholarship, the Dwight F. Davis Memorial Scholarship, the Eve Kraft Education and College Scholarship, The Dwight Mosley Scholarship Award, the USA Tennis Foundation College Textbook Scholarship and the USA Tennis Foundation Scholarship Incentive Awards. The Scholarship Incentive Awards is available to qualified high school varsity players and/or potential middle school varsity players while the other scholarships are for high school seniors applying to their first year of university.

Thanks to the generosity of the USTA and individual and corporate donors, the USA Tennis Foundation is able to direct 100% of its contributions to grants for academic scholarships and programs.




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