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Tennis. The Perfect Father’s Day Gift.

Why not give the gift of tennis to dad this year for Father’s Day? A USTA membership is a great gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. You’ll feel great knowing you’ve given your father the opportunity to get more connected to the game than ever before. The valuable benefits include – a one-year subscription to TENNIS* and USTA Magazine, access to USTA League presented by Chrysler and Tournament play, exclusive discounts on USTA and US Open merchandise, sports gear and travel**, and so much more.  Plus, with a 5 year membership, we’ll include a FREE US Open Cinch Bag***.  Click here to order and use source code 3457.


Legal Disclaimer:

*$10 of all membership dues is allocated for a 1-year subscription to TENNIS Magazine for USTA members over 18 years of each for each year of membership.  For members 18 years of age and under, or junior memberships, $10 of all membership dues is allocated for a 1-year subscription to SMASH Magazine for each year of membership.  The amount allocated is not deductible from membership dues.  All member benefits and offers only available to active USTA members in good standing. Terms of membership and benefits subject to change in the USTA's sole discretion. Other restrictions may apply. USTA membership is not transferable. Offers relating to third party products and services are through participating retailers and service providers and are subject to restrictions and change without notice in the discretion of each participating retailer and service provider. The USTA is not responsible for third party offers and discounts or related purchases. Please contact memberservices@usta.com with questions.  Click here for terms and conditions. 
***Visit usta.com or call 800-990-8782 and purchase a 5-year membership for someone (membership dues range from $72-$260).  The gift recipient will receive a US Open Cinch Bag.  While supplies last.  ARV: $10.  Offer non-transferable.  The USTA reserves the right to substitute.  Offer expires 12/31/2008.  © 2008.


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