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2018 Southern Prize Money Tournaments (Men's & Women's Open)


6/01 Adult Annual $$$ Dirt Bowl MS – 700059618 – Belden, MS

6/10 TVOC – Tennessee Valley Open Chps. 13,000 ($$$) – 700125318 – Chattanooga, TN

6/13 2018 Atlanta City Open $$$ (GA Level 1-300 pts) (STA 200 pts) – 700118718 Norcross, GA

6/22 $1000 Hoover Open NTRP Classic – 700057718 – Birmingham, AL

6/24 Lawn & Tennis Adult Open $$$ – 700086218 – Pinehurst, NC

6/30 $5000 Firecracker Open State Chps – 700111618 – Louisville, KY

7/5 $$$ Lexus of Greenville Adult Open Clay Ct. Chps – 704105018 – Greer, SC

7/28 GA State Adult Open $$ Chps – 700071118 – Atlanta, GA

8/22 $13,000 Charity Steel Open presented by Kamtek – 700042718 – Birmingham, AL

10/28 $$$ Pat Galvin Memorial sponsored by Better Communication Clinic – 700048218 – Jackson, MS   


Southern tournaments counting for USTA top 500 list

3/27 Southern Senior/Adult Hardcourt Open Championships – 700134618 – Gulf Shores, AL

6/10 TVOC / Tennessee Valley Open Chps. 13,000 ($$$) – 700125318 – Chattanooga, TN

6/13 2017 Atlanta City Open $$$ (GA Level 1-300 pts) (STA 200 pts) – 700118718 – Norcross, GA

12/26 Southern Adult Indoor Open (STA 300 PT) – Memphis, TN


Effective Date: January 1, 2015

Rationale: In 2012 the NCAA, with the input and support of the USTA, adopted and expanded eligibility criteria for Division I tennis that is more liberal than the USTA Regulations and allows all prospective student athletes (American and international) to accept a limited amount of prize money prior to full-time collegiate enrollment without jeopardizing their amateur status. This amendment permits American juniors to have the same financial advantages as international players who are seeking a college scholarship in tennis without losing the ability to compete in USTA junior tournaments. This proposed amendment accomplishes this by permitting both amateur and professionals to play in all USTA tournaments.

In addition, this amendment adds a provision to the USTA Regulations that prohibits prize money at junior tournaments. While there is currently no prize money prohibition, the amateurism rules effectively keep this practice from taking place. Without this amendment, junior tournaments would be permitted to offer prize money. The intent of this call item is not to monetize all junior tennis; it is to permit juniors that are successful in non-junior tournaments the ability to earn prize money without jeopardizing their amateur status, as permitted by the NCAA eligibility criteria.

The top 500 list tournaments are those in Southern whose points count towards the USTA top 500 list rankings used for entry into pro circuit events. Click here for complete info.

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