Junior Endorsement Information

Beginning in January 2020, USTA Southern will NOT require junior players to play one of the two Level 1 tournaments in January or June to be placed on the Southern endorsement list. Endorsement lists will be determined by Southern ranking at the time that endorsement lists are sent to the USTA national staff.

USTA Southern junior endorsements had been used to select juniors for entry into national championship events, a practice that ends in 2019.

USTA Southern will continue to have an allotted number of spots available to Southern players into national championships. The allotment is known as the Southern “quota.”

Events that Southern sends endorsement lists to USTA national staff are:

  • USTA Winter Nationals
  • USTA Clay Court Nationals
  • USTA Championships (hard courts)
  • USTA Indoor Nationals

Events that Southern will no longer require endorsement criteria in 2020 are:

  • Zonals
  • Intersectional Team Events

Resources, Rules & Regulations

Please become familiar with the USTA Southern Rules & Regulations which can be found here.  You will find information including tournament rules, residency requirements, team selections and more.

Information in regards to USTA National Regulations and National schedules can be found here. A complete listing of national tournaments, ranking procedures, point tables etc. will be explained in detail at this site.

A “Combined Standings” system is used in USTA Southern. The system combines points earned from both singles and doubles results. Only the six best tournament results are calculated and the six best doubles results do not have to be the same tournaments as the six best singles results. The standing is a combination of 100% of the six best singles and 25% of the six best doubles for the combined standing. 20% of those points will count up to next higher age division. The system is calculated on a rolling 12-month period. For information on standings and more, including tournament entry process, seeding, and other frequently asked questions, please go here.

Endorsement/Eligibility Requirements/Procedures

What is endorsement? Endorsement is a means or process of being selected into National Championship events. USTA Southern has an allotted number of spots available to Southern players into national Championships. The allotment is known as the Southern “quota”. A player must be within the quota of the endorsement list to be selected.

USTA National Championship Entry information

The National Junior Tournament Schedule can be found by clicking here. Use the Tennislink Online Search to locate the individual tournaments and specific information to that event.

  1. Registration for all National Championships must be performed using the USTA online entry system for tournaments. Tennislink Online Search
  2. For your benefit, make sure that all contact information is entered correctly during the entry process

USTA/Southern Section Quotas for USTA Nationals                                                           

  • National Boys' and Girls' 18s Championships - 21 (224 draws size)
  • National Boys' and Girls' 16s Championships* - 21 (224 draw size)
  • National Boys' and Girls' 14s Championships* - 18 (192 draw size)
  • National Boys' and Girls' 12s Championships - 16 (128 draw size)
  • National Boys' and Girls' Clay Courts 18s - 21 (224 draws size)
  • National Boys' and Girls' Clay Courts 16s - 21 (224 draw size)
  • National Boys' and Girls' Clay Courts 14s - 18 (192 draw size)
  • National Boys' and Girls' Clay Courts 12s - 16 (128 draw size)
  • National Indoors Boys' and Girls' All Divisions - 4 (all draws sizes 64)
  • National Winter Championships Boys' and Girls' 18s,16s, 14s - 12 (128 draw size)
  • National Winter Championships Boys' and Girls' 12s - 16 (128 draw size)

There is a fifth National Championship that does NOT REQUIRE ENDORSEMENT - the Spring Nationals for the Girls' and Boys' 12s-16s. The selection will be made right from the National Standing List Ranking.  It is a 64 draw. The Girls' and Boys' 18s draw of 64 is an ITF event as well as a Level 1 USTA tournament. Selection is from ITF rankings.


Zonals is a National team competition that matches our Southern players with teams selected from other USTA Sections. The teams consist of six boys and six girls. USTA Southern will supply a coach for each one of the teams. Southern players interested in participating in National Zonals, must apply through the online registration system. Please check on the USTA Southern website after April 2 for further details. This information can be found here.


When you accept entry to one of the National or Zone Team tournaments, it is your responsibility to appear. If you decide to withdraw before the entry deadline, please withdraw from the tournament online and inform the USTA Southern office immediately so that another Southern player can be added to the in-quota list. If it is necessary for you to withdraw from a tournament after the entry deadline, please notify the tournament director and USTA Southern office immediately.

Alternates to the Nationals should follow the online instructions. It is conceivable that some alternates may be accepted at the last minute to fill spots resulting from last minute withdrawals. If you decide not to take the chance and wait, and move to enter another tournament, you must contact the tournament director and withdraw your name from the alternate list first, before entering the next tournament. Please be sure that the USTA Southern office knows where and how to reach you. The USTA Zonal alternates should follow the USTA Southern office instructions.


There are a number of special events for juniors that involve selection of players by the USTA/Southern Section and/or your State Association. These include the following:

USTA 14 Intersectional Team Championships — up to 4 boys and 4 girls
USTA 16 Intersectional Team Championships — up to 4 boys & 4 girls

USTA National Boys' Team Championship — up to 7 boys

USTA National Girls' Team Championship — up to 7 girls

IcyHot/Southern Junior Cup 14s-18s — by State selection

IcyHot/Southern Junior Cup 12s — by State selection


The selection of players for the National Team Championships and Intersectional Team Championships will be done by the Junior Competition Team Selection Subcommittee. Information considered will be National Standings, Southern Standings, player records, previous team participation and player conduct throughout the year. 

The selection of players for the Southern Junior Cup is done by the individual State.


Selections are based on current standings.


Draws will be limited to the top 64 players entering, based on current standings.


Players are allowed to enter two divisions in Southern Level 1A, Icy Hot Level 2 and Level 3 events:

1. Players selected to both age divisions they apply for will automatically be selected in the older age division. They would be removed from the other age division.

2. Players not selected to either division would remain on the alternates list for both divisions but would be obligated to play the division they first get in from the alternates list. They would be removed from the alternates list in the other division.

3. Players selected to one age division would be removed from the alternates list of the division they were not selected.

4. Once a player is selected for any one division, no changes can be made.

5. IcyHot Level 2 events that are split (two sites) are considered one event and therefore entering both is acceptable. Selection will be based on points 1-4 above.



A player shall not, when entries close, be entered in two or more sanctioned tournaments if any part of the tournaments overlap, unless each Tournament Director involved understands the situation and concurs in writing. Five suspension points are given for this violation.


One final word is most worthy for you to consider. Your conduct and behavior on and off the court should always be to the highest standards of good sportsmanship. Playing tournament tennis has many rewards but requires many sacrifices on your part and that of your parents. As your playing ability improves you develop a reputation among your peers, tournament officials, tennis administrators, parents, coaches and spectators. The vast majority of your matches will be played without umpires and that requires the players to call the lines. Be unfailingly fair to your opponent and follow the guidance of "The Code" in all situations. The USTA Southern and its nine States are dedicated to insuring that all our player members are true sportsmen. Exhibit the best in sportsmanship on and off the court.

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** Any of the previous information is subject to change per Junior Competition Committee Vote.