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2017 Important Junior Updates

NOTE: USTA Southern to follow suit with USTA National and adapt Counting Points Up beginning January 1, 2017. For Southern L1A, L2, and L3 tournaments, players will no longer be considered for selection based on their lower age division standings.

Click here for the National Junior Tournament Structure and schedule.

Southern Closed Relesaes Direct Acceptance List

USTA Southern has createe a direct acceptance list for the Southern Closed Championships that includes the top 16 age-eligible players for each of the Boys’ and Girls’ 12s-18s divisions. This list will exempt players from playing their state qualifier.

This list will be comprised of the top 16 age-eligible players for June in their respective age divisions. Players not listed on the direct acceptance list are not eligible for this exemption. Players must register for the Southern Closed Championship to take advantage of this exemption. You can find the list of these championships by clicking here.

Download 2017 USTA Southern Level 2 Format Change to MFIC with Curtis Consolation.

USTA National Standings List Announcement:
Counting Points Up Beginning in January 2017

The USTA Junior Competition Committee has approved an amendment that affects how the National Standings Lists are calculated:

Beginning January 1, 2017, the singles and doubles results for each player earned in a division for the previous 12-month period shall be counted as results in the next-older division at 20%.

The Committee believes this amendment will facilitate the aging up process so that a player is less pressured to play in two age divisions (and possibly overplay) in advance of the player aging into an older division. By allowing a player to start in the next older division with more than 0 points, this should help ease the transition.

How does Counting Points Up Work?

Examples of how the new standings are calculated are on the next page.

• Results in a younger division shall count in only the next-older age division. For example, 14 division results will count only in the 16 division, not also in the 18 division.

• Results in the younger division shall appear in the older division, regardless of whether a player has won a match in the older division.

• A player’s results in the younger division that count in the older division shall be considered the same as all results that are actually played in the older division. They shall be eligible for the Best of 6 results if they are among the best six results in either singles or doubles.

Does Counting Points Up Work the same way as Counting Points Down?

Counting Points Up works almost the same way as we currently Count Points Down. The differences are:

• Points Count Up only one division (Points Count Down to all divisions)

• Points Count Up at 20% (Points Count Down at 100%)

• Points Count Up even if the player has no results in the older division (Points Count Down to a younger division only when a player has an on-court win in the younger division).

What happens to the National Standings Lists on January 1, 2017?

The first National Standings List of 2017 will include all results in the older division that were played in the younger division during the previous 12-month period. This means that the first National Standings Lists of 2017will look significantly different than the last lists of 2016 because all of the next-younger division players will be appearing on the next-older division lists with 20% of their points. This also means that next-younger division results will be a part of the selection process for all national junior tournaments that use National Standing Lists, including for the first time all USTA National Championships.

When can we see sample National Standings Lists?

The USTA is re-programming the national ranking system to be able to implement Counting Points Up. It is currently working on the ability to publish unofficial lists in late 2016 so players can see how the change can benefit their choice of tournaments to play.

Are there any other related changes?

Yes. Because younger-division players will now be appearing on the National Selection Lists of the next-older age division even if they have no older-division results, the Junior Competition Committee has also changed the selection process for the USTA National Level 2 Tournaments (formerly the USTA National Selection Tournaments):

Beginning in 2017, players will be selected for USTA National Level 2 Tournaments ONLY from the National Selection List of the division of the tournament; players will no longer be selected from the next-younger division National Standings List.

The new USTA National Level 3 Tournaments will also use only the National Standings List of the Division to select players.

How does this affect my Section Lists?

The change to the National Standings Lists does not change how any Section’s lists are calculated. Please refer to your Section for information on how your Sections lists are calculated.

USTA Southern to follow suit with USTA National and adapt Counting Points Up beginning January 1, 2017. For Southern L1A, L2, and L3 tournaments, players will no longer be considered for selection based on their lower age division standings.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about Counting Points Up, or any other issue related to national junior competition, please contact USTA Junior Competition at jrcomp@usta.com.


Southern Closed Wild Cards: Starting in 2016, up to four (4) wild cards will be issued for the Southern Closed in June. The deadline for submitting an application for Wild Card is Monday, June 5, at 9:00 a.m. ET. This will be a hard deadline. Please understand there are no guarantees and a committee of five will determine whether approved or not. For the application, please click here.

An additional independent draw will be run for the losers of the Round of 16 for the Winter L1 in January as well as the Labor Day Level 1A Clay Court tournaments. By taking this action, the day with no play for the Round of 16 losers will be eliminated. 

Late Entry Fee: Effective immediately, players signing up for a tournament as a late entry will be charged an additional $25.00 if selected. This policy will cover Level 1, 1A, and 2 events.

The draw size for the 2017 Southern Closed 12s event will increase to a 160 draw and the format will be FIC-Quarterfinals. There will also be a draw for those players losing first and first.

The 10U Division for Southern Level 3 and Higher tournaments will be played on a 78’ court utilizing the green ball. Please consult this site for more information regarding the Youth Tennis Progression for 10U play in the Southern Section.

For additional information, please contact Bill Ozaki or at 770-368-8200.

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